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September 25, 2010

OC Dana Point Harbor will join the more than 800 other locations throughout the State in the 26th annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. The State’s largest volunteer event will be held on Saturday, September 25, 2010, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Those interested in volunteering can obtain more information by contacting OC Dana Point Harbor at (949) 923-2236, or can simply check in during the event adjacent to Jolly Roger restaurant on the Wharf.

This year California is kicking off the Cigarette Butt Cleanup Campaign. Forty percent of all debris items collected on Coastal Cleanup Day in 2008 was cigarette butts - volunteers picked up over 340,000 of them in only three hours. It also marked the 24th straight year in which cigarette butts were the most littered item in America; this is most likely because many smokers mistakenly believe cigarettes are biodegradable. Improper disposal can lead to negative impacts on water quality in Dana Point Harbor and the ocean.

2010 also marks the launch of a BYO (Bring Your Own) Campaign designed to encourage volunteers to help decrease the ecological footprint of the Cleanup effort. Volunteers are being encouraged to bring their own bucket or reusable bag, gloves, and reusable water bottle.

OC Dana Point Harbor is also organizing the 4th Underwater Cleanup Event, to be held on the same day from 8:00am-12:00pm in the East Basin Marina on the cove side between Gangway L and Gangway O. This is part of OC Dana Point Harbor’s continuing efforts to improve water quality in the Harbor. Previous events recovered miscellaneous debris which included wrenches, tools, chairs, a marine toilet, an outboard motor, a bicycle, and two shopping carts. This year, all of the debris collected will be counted and submitted to the California Coastal Commission on datacards provided by The Ocean Conservancy. The data collected during the International Coastal Cleanup is used to educate people and create solutions to the problems of solid waste and litter.

For more information about California Coastal Cleanup Day, please visit OC Dana Point Harbor.

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Local Coastal Program Amendment

The City of Dana Point recently approved minor clarifications to one policy in the Land Use Plan (LUP) for the Harbor Revitalization.  The change, endorsed by the California Coastal Commission at their June 9, 2010 hearing, adds emphasis to a policy for maintaining the community character when constructing new buildings in the Harbor.  The LUP is one of two parts to the City’s Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA); the second of which is the Implementation Plan (IP).  It is anticipated that the IP will be considered by the Coastal Commission later this year.

Once the IP is approved by the Coastal Commission; any refinements to the language included in the City’s original LCPA submittal will need to be approved by the Dana Point City Council before the entire LCPA process is complete.  These approvals are necessary steps in the City’s ability to approve projects implementing the Revitalization Plan, and will ultimately lead to the construction of new building improvements for the commercial core area and includes environmental upgrades and new infrastructure, increased public parking opportunities, enhanced dry boat storage and launch ramp parking area, and reconstructed slips.

Please check the OC Dana Point Harbor website for updates on the public hearing schedules and Revitalization Plan.

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Emergency Training Exercise

The morning of Wednesday, June 23rd, a coordinated emergency training exercise was conducted in Dana Point Harbor. The exercise included participants from OC Dana Point Harbor, OC Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) Harbor Patrol & Dana Point Police Services, U.S. Ocean Safety Lifeguards, State of California Lifeguards, the OC Fire Authority and Doctor’s Ambulance. The simulated mass-casualty drill began just outside the Harbor with a staged boating accident, while simulated victims were subsequently brought to the launch ramp where participating agencies practiced triage, first aid and then transportation to a hospital. A Sheriff’s helicopter was proximate during the early phase of the incident.

The simulated victims were volunteers from U.S. Ocean Safety Lifeguards acting as boat operators, guests aboard the boats, etc. Stage make-up helped imitate real injuries and fatalities.

According to OCSD Harbor Patrol, this was the largest disaster simulation exercise ever organized in the Dana Point Harbor area. The orchestrated crash between two boats credibly represented the type of event that could occur and therefore provided valuable practice for potential emergencies. A post-exercise meeting & discussion among the participants took place to assess the results.

Emergency Training ExerciseEmergency Training Exercise
Fourth of July Recap

In an effort to improve the overall boater, tenant and visitor experience, OC Dana Point Harbor made significant enhancements to the 2010 Fourth of July parking program. Important new elements included:

  • Enhanced coordination between the OC Dana Point Harbor and Dana Point Police Services, which improved traffic flow and allowed the bridge and Harbor streets to remain open longer.
  • Multi-day Catalina parking was relocated to alleviate parking in the Cove lots.
  • Dana Hills High School parking and the City of Dana Point-sponsored buses allowed more people to be carried to and from the Harbor (especially after the fireworks).
  • The in-Harbor shuttle route was expanded to include island-side locations, and a total of four shuttles were provided (the most ever).
  • Additional parking attendants helped ease traffic congestion and improve management of parking resources.

OC Dana Point Harbor thanks everyone for their cooperation during the Fourth of July holiday. We believe that the implementation of the parking program including its new features made Fourth of July 2010 the best organized yet.

Fourth of July RecapFourth of July Recap
Breakwater Condition Study

OC Dana Point Harbor has secured $500,000 for a comprehensive condition survey of the Harbor’s breakwater, as part of the Federal Stimulus Package. The Dana Point survey of the condition of the Harbor’s breakwater is to determine whether repairs or other actions are necessary, the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) Los Angeles District announced. The field data has been collected and the Harbor’s breakwaters are currently being modeled by the ACE to determine permeability and wave run-up.

“Continuing the work on this project is critical to investigate the structural and functional condition of the breakwaters to assure safe navigation,” said Colonel Thomas Magness, former commander of the ACE’s Los Angeles District.

Additional updates will be provided as the ACE continues their efforts on this study.

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HPC Anti-Theft Precautions

With the increase in the popularity of Human Powered Crafts (HPC), such as Standup Paddleboards (SUP), and kayaks, demand for this type of craft increases.  This type of demand creates a desirable black market for thieves.  Unlike regular vessels, SUP’s and kayaks do not have hull identification or serial numbers.  In addition to securing it, you can protect your investment by etching an owner-applied number, such as your driver’s license, in a conspicuous place on the craft.  If given a choice, thieves prefer taking untraceable property, and by adding an owner-applied number to your property, you’ve essentially made it a traceable item.  Law enforcement can enter your property in a stolen database using this number, which ultimately aids in recovery.

Many thieves use Ebay, Craigslist, or other online auction sites to sell stolen goods.  It is highly recommended to check these sites if you are a victim of theft.  No one knows your property better than you.  Law enforcement has been successful in apprehending thieves by posing as a prospective buyer for the property.  With your help we can greatly reduce this type of crime.

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Labor Day

In many parts of the United States Labor Day represents the end of the summer, but here in Southern California some of the best weather of the year follows Labor Day. The following are some suggestions for enjoying your holiday weekend in Dana Point Harbor:

  • Plan ahead and bring supplies to your boat early.
  • Attendants will be monitoring parking gates during the holiday weekend.
  • Campers, R.V.s and trailers are prohibited and will be towed.
  • If you have guests coming, make plans to meet them at the parking gate.

Be respectful to your neighbors, control your pets and please be patient.

Tall Ships Festival

The 26th annual Toshiba Tall Ships Festival, the largest annual gathering of tall ships on the West Coast, presented by the Ocean Institute, will commence the weekend of September 10th-12th. Enjoy the tall ships through the smells, sounds and sights of real working ships. Visit interactive living-history encampments, including blacksmiths, scrimshaw artists, knot tiers, and the infamous Port Royal Privateers.

Inside the Ocean Institute, explore the work protecting the local watersheds through hands-on labs and art activities, and view some of the ocean’s creatures, including sea stars, jellies, rays, and octopuses.

This year at the Festival, enter the seafaring world of Richard Henry Dana Jr. as the Dana Point Historical Society reads aloud his novel Two Years Before the Mast, in two complete 9-hour sessions.

For more information, admission and cruise tickets visit Tall Ships Festival or call (949) 496-2274.

Labor Day Holiday
Dana Point Harbor
September 3rd-5th
Richard Henry Dana Charity Regatta
Dana Point Yacht Club
September 9th-12th
Toshiba Tall Ships Festival
Ocean Institute
September 11th-12th
California Coastal Cleanup Day
Dana Point Harbor
September 25th
Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle
Doheny State Beach
October 2nd-3rd
American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Lantern Bay Park
October 2nd-3rd
Haunted Campground
Doheny State Beach
October 23rd
Dana Point Harbor Championship Regatta
Dana Point Yacht Club
October 23rd-24th
Commodore’s Challenge Regatta
Dana Point Yacht Club
November 20th
Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
Dana Point
November 25th
Thanks to the Ocean Beach Cleanup
Doheny State Beach
November 27th
Richard Henry Dana
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