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Andrew Do - Supervisor, First District
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April 30, 2020 Volume 5 Issue 16
News and Updates

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Over 1,400 Meals were Delivered to Seniors and Families in Need this Week

During these unprecedented times, we’ve all had to adapt to a new normal.

And while this period of closures and social distancing affects each of us in different ways, our most vulnerable community members, our seniors, and working families who have children with disabilities, face daily challenges when it comes to food and groceries.

That is why I decided to launch the Neighborhood Meal Delivery Program in the First District, where seniors and families with children with disabilities could have access to a fresh meal upon request.

Over the course of three days, with the help from numerous community volunteers who reached out to help, we distributed 1,400 meals.

Thank you to all the phenomenal volunteers for your unwavering support and to the Hand to Hand Relief Organization, or “Quán Chay Từ Thiện,” for your incredible donation and meal preparation.

Check out this video from our first two meal delivery days this past weekend by clicking on the image below!


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Neighborhood Pop-Up Pantries

I have seen so many community members safely participating and helping one another. This is what community spirit looks like.

My staff and I will continue to contribute to efforts like our Neighborhood Meal Delivery Program and the Neighborhood Pop-Up Pantry Initiative in our communities.

If you have an idea, suggestion, or need, please email us at or call us at 714-834-3110 so that we can see what the County of Orange can do to assist.

Here are a few photos from more Neighborhood Pop-Up Pantries. If you’re interested in starting one in your neighborhood, please call my office and someone will be in contact with you. We will provide a few items to get your pantry started and help advertise it in your local neighborhood.

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4/19 Historic French Park Neighborhood

Thank you to the Vasquez family and their neighbor, Nathan, for hosting a Historic French Park neighborhood pop-up pantry! Any amount of help you can provide your neighbors, even just a few essential items, is appreciated. 

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4/20 New Chase Park Neighborhood

The New Chase neighborhood has a pop-up pantry thanks to Betty Yenulonis! It’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors, people like Betty, that help our communities stay strong and connected during tough times like these.

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4/24 Russel C. Paris Park Neighborhood

The Hatanaka family is hosting a pop-up pantry in the Russel C. Paris Park neighborhood! If you’re interested in hosting a pantry for your neighborhood, reach out to my office for details.

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4/25 Village Estates South Neighborhood

Another pop-up pantry is up and running! Thank you to the Herrera family for helping out the Village Estates South neighborhood with these essential resources.

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