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Supervisor Donald Wagner - Third District Newsletter
August 23, 2019 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 8
Supervisor Wagner Reopens Irvine Lake

On August 17, Supervisor Don Wagner took a pair of over-sized scissors and snipped a yellow OC Parks ribbon to celebrate Irvine Lake's reopening. 

Shoreline fishing at Irvine Lake is back after a 3-year hiatus. Supervisor Wagner led the negotiations to end disputes between the water districts and recreational entities.

Supervisor Wagner shared with the L.A. Times: "I truly did start hearing from people that they went with their dads and grandfathers and wanted to be able to take their kids out there,” Wagner said. “I won’t say it was an easy thing to do, but it was clearly one of the right things to work on. It’s a great resource for the community and it’s been out of the public’s hands for too long.”

Over 2,000+ anglers buzzed with excitement behind the park's fence, waiting for 7 a.m. and the gates to swing open. A total of 4,000 people came out by 4 p.m.


Supervisor Wagner thanked the Serrano Water District, The Irvine Company, and The Irvine Ranch Water District for working together and bringing this resource back for community enjoyment. 

Appreciation was given to OC Parks for their hard work in prepping the grounds and flipping the lights on all the facilities. And to Longfin Bait and Tackle for sponsoring giveaways stuffed with fishing goodies.

Orange County residents are thrilled they can fish once again at Irvine Lake from Friday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. 



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Angels in the Zoo

After reopening Irvine Lake on August 17, Supervisor Wagner met with pitcher Andrew Heaney from our local baseball team, the Los Angeles Angels. At the OC Zoo, the Supervisor and Mr. Heaney's family interacted with some of our regional wildlife, including Buckley the Beaver and Yo-Yo the Bear. 

Supervisor Wagner was brave enough to hold a prickly porcupine (and was advised not to rub him the wrong way). 

Supervisor Wagner was delighted to welcome the sea of red-dressed Angels fans; everyone was thrilled about free admission to the park that day (but only if they were sporting their Angels gear!).

The OC Zoo is usually $2 to enter and an engaging place to learn about Orange County's hometown animals.

Our Third District is home to high-tech businesses and plenty of bustling commerce centers, yet we also are blessed to have open spaces for residents to retreat, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors. Thank you OC Parks for running such a fantastic facility for our community.

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Back-to-School Tips from OC Waste & Recycling

Summer is over, and school is back in session. When prepping your family for school this year, think of being an environmental steward by following OC Waste & Recycling's (OCWR) back-to-school guide.

Every small step makes a difference, so be sure to reuse and recycle wherever possible.

  • Reuse from last year
    • Repair and reuse binders
    • Reuse pens and pencils from last year
    • Sell back books or share with other students
    • Repair backpacks with glue or other simple repairs
  • Buy smart and buy recycled products
    • Follow a classroom list to make sure only to buy what is needed
    • Purchase "green" products not sold with excess packaging
    • Buy recycled pencils and reusable notebooks
  • Manage electronics and batteries
    • If you are replacing batteries in a laptop, cellphone or another device, bring them to one OCWR's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers; DO NOT put them in the trash or recycle bin.
    • Purchased a new laptop or device for your child? Recycle the old one by disposing of e-waste safely at one of OCWR's facilities
  • Reduce food waste
    • Pack lunches or snacks for your children in reusable containers. Purchase reusable water bottles for them to refill throughout the day
    • Please encourage your children only to take what they need from the lunch line. Make sure that they recycle cans and bottles after they eat and dispose of them in the right bins

For more information, visit and follow OCWR on social media @OCWaste to see more waste reduction and recycling tips.



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CHOC Hospital Tour

On August 20, Supervisor Wagner toured the state-of-the-art CHOC facility in Orange. 

Our District is humbled to hold the world-class healthcare facility, CHOC Children's Hospital. CHOC is one of the only local hospitals to offer intensive outpatient, insurance-based mental health care to adolescents in need, providing hope and healing for all families in our County. 

Visitors will find colorful themed floors and interactive experiences for patients. A favorite feature among the children is CHOC's 700-square-foot Seacrest Studio, located on the 2nd Floor of the Bill Holmes Tower. Children can hop on one of the five guest microphones or engage with production-quality video cameras, radio equipment, or a green screen for video projects. 

The studio has inspired former CHOC patients to pursue careers in broadcast journalism, radio, and the entertainment arts. They often return to share their success stories and embrace their beloved CHOC staff with warm hugs.

Supervisor Wagner extends a massive thank you to Jena Jensen for providing a detailed tour of CHOC’s family-focused programs with outstanding personalized care at the core. Jena, your advocacy is making a positive difference in the lives of many Orange County families.

Our office and the entire community is beyond grateful for the hardworking staff at CHOC, for this incredible facility serving our residents, and for the opportunity to serve as your Supervisor.

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West Nile Virus Prevention

(August 19) - A woman in Tustin was diagnosed with West Nile Virus, the first case in Orange County according to the Orange County Health Care Agency. Below is information and tips on how to stay safe, courtesy from the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District.

How Do People and Animals Get West Nile Virus?

Infected Mosquitoes

Most often, WNV is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes are WNV carriers ("vectors") that become infected when they feed on infected birds. Infected mosquitoes can then spread WNV to humans and other animals when they bite.

Transfusions, Transplants, and Mother-to-child

All donated blood is checked for WNV before being used. The risk of getting WNV through blood transfusions and organ transplants is very small, and should not prevent people who need surgery from having it. Transmission during pregnancy from mother to baby or transmission to an infant via breastfeeding is extremely rare.

Not Through Touching

WNV is not spread through casual contact such as touching or kissing a person with the virus, or by breathing in the virus. 

How can I reduce the risk of being infected with WNV?

  • A person can reduce the risk of WNV infection by: 
  • Staying indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. 
  • Using a repellent containing the active ingredients DEET, Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535 before going outdoors. 
  • Dumping or draining water that has been standing for more than three days, including neglected swimming pools, birdbaths, pet dishes, tire swings, and flower planters. 
  • These items provide a perfect place for mosquitos to lay their eggs, which increases the risk of being infected with WNV. 
  • Repairing broken or torn screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes from entering your home.
  • Vaccinate horsesdogs, and cats
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Take a FREE Self-Defense Class

Supervisor Wagner wants people in our community to feel empowered to protect themselves in the event of an unfortunate crisis. Every month, the Supervisor sponsors a free class for residents throughout our District. 

As part of the Supervisor's commitment to protecting the public, his office created a self-defense video featuring the top safety tips to observe.

Please follow our Facebook page for upcoming classes; we hope you'll join us at the next one.  


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Supervisor Celebrates Indian Independence Day


Indian Independence Day was August 15th, and Supervisor Wagner had the privilege to celebrate the festivities over the weekend with Mayor Harry Sidhu. Thank you, Harry, for providing such warm and gracious hospitality at your home. 

It was a pleasure to present a Certificate of Recognition for Harry’s ongoing efforts in bringing people together and adding diverse traditions to our Orange County community. Supervisor Wagner looks forward to celebrating the next Indian Independence Day in 2020!


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