Supervisor Shawn Nelson - Fourth District Update
July 5, 2010
Volume 1, Issue 1

Denis Bilodeau
Chief of Staff

Audra Adams
Policy Advisor /
Communications Director

Steve Spernak
Policy Advisor

David Zengers
Policy Advisor

Mark Lopez
Executive Aide


Welcome to the first edition of Nelson’s E-News!

Last Tuesday I was honored to be sworn in as your new Fourth District Supervisor. As I start my time in office, I am very excited about the opportunity to put into action many of the ideas and initiatives we discussed together on the campaign trail. Fiscal prudence and conservative management of our budget will be my main focus throughout my tenure in office.

This newsletter, first and foremost, will be a venue for me to communicate with you about the important issues of the day. Additionally my newsletter will provide you with updates on the workings of your County government and information on upcoming community events.

spacer Supervisor Shawn Nelson is joined by his wife Sharon and their three children Shane, Amanda and Katherine following his swearing in ceremony.

Please remember that communication is not a one way street. As your representative I need to hear from you. As we celebrated Independence Day this past weekend, we are all reminded that ours is a government run by the people. As Ronald Reagan often said, “we are a people that have a government and not the other way around.” Our system works best when the people are involved and engaged. Do not hesitate to share with me your ideas, opinions and concerns. We may not always agree on every issue, but I will always be eager to listen and be responsive to what you have to say.

I look forward from hearing from you and seeing you out in the community.

Shawn Nelson.


Last weekend Supervisor Nelson enjoyed meeting residents of the Fourth District who attended the day-long Anaheim Fun Day hosted by the County at Chaparral Park. The event had 50 sponsors and service providers from both the City of Anaheim and County of Orange where Shawn provided contact information and resource guides to the 600 residents who attended the event.

Supervisor Nelson is standing alongside Stan Perdue, Regional Executive Director of the Red Cross.

Supervisor Nelson is standing alongside Stan Perdue, Regional Executive Director of the Red Cross. Perdue offered Shawn his lifetime of community, military and volunteer experience as a component of the Supervisor’s Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Public Safety responsibilities.

Supervisor Nelson and son Jack.

Joining Shawn at the event is 4 year Jack Notham who went home with magic markers, key-chain flashlights, a Kool-Aid smile and Shawn’s business card as part of the Supervisor’s first community outreach event this weekend.

Supervisor Nelson and Anaheim Residents.

Shawn introduced himself to these Anaheim residents and provided contact information and resource guides to help with any issues or questions they might have related to County services or operations.


On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, the County Board of Supervisors approved the 2010-2011 budget of approximately 5.5 billion dollars. This included a draw of about 46 million dollars from the County Strategic Reserves that went largely to fund public safety departments.

Dipping into the Reserve to fund ongoing functions is not a desirable strategy and Supervisor Nelson will be unlikely to support in the future.

Unknown impacts may also come from decisions made by the State Legislature as it attempts to balance its budget this summer.

The County must explore all available options in its mission to deliver core services to constituents.

Highlights of the budget hearings included Board discussion of the Human Relations Commission, which was funded at a lower rate; and the Office of Independent Review that provides oversight of the Sheriff’s Department which has been maintained.


Supervisor Nelson would like to give special thanks to the Irvine Company for their gift to the County of Orange for the addition of over 20,000 acres of protected open space to the land currently managed by OC Parks. For a full detailed story please click the link below.



Certificate of Recognition – Intern, Nick Constantino

Nick Constantion


Supervisor Shawn Nelson is proud to announce that just-graduated Pacifica HS Senior Nick Constantino will become part of his staff and serve as an intern for the Fourth District.

Constantino was selected as one of the 2010 PHS Outstanding Seniors and graduated with honors June 23rd as a gold seal bearer from the California Scholastic Federation. Nick will attend UC Irvine in the Fall and major in Political Science.

Certificate of Recognition - Supervisor Shawn Nelson is proud to recognize his first ‘hometown hero’ with a Certificate of Recognition delivered to Fullerton Senior Mike Lorenzen. Mike led the Fullerton HS Baseball Team to the 2010 Freeway League Championship and was selected as League MVP, in addition to being named to the OC Register 2010 All-County Team.

Supervisor Nelson was especially happy to issue his first Certificate of Recognition to the FHS grad, who will attend Cal State Fullerton this Fall, as part of Nelson’s ‘Education First’ mission to recognize outstanding student-athletes for academic accomplishment and athletic performances. Congratulations and best of luck, Mike!

Certificate of Recognition – Girls Scouts, Gold Award: Heather Bermudez, Haley Holmes, Isheeta Bhatt, Lauren Hurst, Ashley Baek, Amy Dominguez, Megan Rickard and Rachel Roberts.

Certificate of Recognition – Students of the Arts: Sara Shultz, Zack Zumbek

Certificate of Condolences – Marine Corporal Claudio Patino IV

Please contact our office if you know of an individual who deserves recognition for outstanding community or public service. Contact: Steve Spernak 714-834-3440.


The 4th District has vacant appointments on the following commissions or committees:

  • Emergency Medical Care Committee (2 year term)

  • Mental Health Board (3year term)

  • Orange County Veterans Advisory Council (2 years)

  • Public Financing Advisory Committee (3 years)

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please call Audra Adams at (714) 834-3998.


July 17th - Supervisor Nelson will be attending the OC Animal Care fundraiser with Anaheim Angels.

Please visit for more information.

Angels for Animals Adoption Event


Wanted: Foster Families!

Each year, once the weather begins to warm up, kittens pour into OC Animal Care by the litter. While some kittens are quickly put up for adoption, others are too young to be placed in their permanent homes. Kittens weighing less than two pounds cannot be adopted as they are too young to be spayed or neutered. This is where our dedicated foster homes step in. Foster Caretakers provide food, shelter, socialization and love to underage kittens until they are big enough for adoption at the shelter. Usually, kittens stay in their foster homes for one to two weeks. In 2009, 526 animals were placed into foster homes and given a second chance at finding their new forever families. If you’re interested in our Foster Caretaker program, please attend one of our upcoming orientations. Orientations will be held at OC Animal Care at 10:30 a.m. on July 24 and August 28 or contact our volunteer coordinator at (714) 935-6194.

Helping the Kittens of OC

Do you want to help kittens at OC Animal Care? Donate these much needed supplies to support underage kittens in our nursery and in foster care:

  • 3-4 lb. bags of premium kitten food (Science Diet, Nutro, Iams, etc.)
  • 3 oz and 5.5 oz cans of premium kitten food (Science Diet, Nutro, Iams, etc.)
  • 5 lb. bags of cat litter
  • Cat toys
  • Small cat food and water bowls
  • Litter scoopers
  • Small litter box
  • Small cat beds
  • Small fleece blankets

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (714) 935-6194 for more information.

Pet of the Week

Pet fo the Week Flyer


Supervisor Nelson has chosen the Anaheim White House as the 4th Districts Restaurant of the week due to their continued charity donations to the boys and girls clubs. 6 Nights a week the Anaheim White House Restaurant serves 100 hot meals to underprivileged children in Anaheim. (Story below)

Anheim White House Restaurant

On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, the inaugural meeting of "Caterina's Girls" Club was held at Anaheim White House. Seventy-five women attended the lunch. It had been Bruno's dream to honor his mother, Caterina, by creating a charity in her name.

Bruno talked about his ideas for the club. He plans on holding a benefit luncheon several times a year with 100% of the proceeds going to "Caterina's Girls" Club and he encouraged those in attendance to invite friends to the luncheons. Since its formation in 2003 the Caterina’s Girls Club has raised over a quarter of a million dollars for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim.

One day 5 years ago Bruno's mom -here in vacation from Italy- went to the Boys & Girls Club to see the facility. Mike Baker the director informed Caterina that most the kids who stay in the club between 5pm to 6 pm are motel children and go back to the motel and most of them don't eat dinner because of the low income they come from and wait to eat till the next day at school.

Caterina as typical Italian mamma told Bruno that children should always eat, and told Bruno that night to go back to the Anaheim White House Restaurant and prepare pasta for the 100 children.

Since then Bruno has served 100 free dinners 6 nights a week, and today because of the economy he starts to serve 150 free dinners 6 nights a week. A total of 47 thousand free hot meals a year to underprivileged children.

he generous donations of Caterina’s Club lunch underwritten by Bruno have allowed the program to donate a 12 passenger van to transport the children from where they live in local motels to the Boys & Girls Clubs. This transportation was also extended to their families so that they may go to and from a medical clinic in Santa Ana.