Supervisor Shawn Nelson - Fourth District Update
February 10, 2012
Volume 3, Issue 3

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Communications Director

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Welcome to Nelson's E-News!

After the first few Board of Supervisors meetings of 2012 Chairman Moorlach has set forth the board’s goals and priorities for the upcoming year. Other movement in the county includes changes in leadership of several department as well as an adjustment to the county’s budgetary plans. Those news items are covered in this edition of the E-News. Also recapped is my recent activity in the district as well as the also popular “Pet of the Week.” I am also proud to provide information on a Job Fair Readiness Workshop, commission vacancies and other upcoming community events.

As always, thanks for reading this edition of Nelson’s E-News! I hope this information is valuable insight to the on goings with county government.

The County will be closed on Monday, February 13 and Monday, February 20, in observance of Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday, respectively. As a result, the Board of Supervisors meetings will be dark on Tuesday, February 14 and Tuesday, February 21. The next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be Tuesday, February 28 at 9:30am.

Shawn Nelson.

2012 Board of Supervisors Goals

Last month, Chairman Moorlach presented the State of the County, providing a status update on County accomplishments from 2011 and general plans for our success going forward. Looking ahead to the remaining eleven months of the year, the Chairman on Tuesday presented some of the Board of Supervisors’ Countywide goals for 2012. They included specific examples of infrastructure projects to complete on time and on budget, replacing key members of staff who have retired or left the County and managing the effects of the statewide dissolution of redevelopment agencies.

At the February 28 meeting, each Supervisor will have an opportunity to outline more district-specific goals for the area they represent. Below is a copy of the Board’s 2012 goals presented Tuesday: Board Goals.pdf


New County Department Heads

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted separately to appoint Frank Ospino as Orange County Public Defender and Susan Novak as Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The unanimous vote for Frank’s appointment is retroactive to January 27 while Susan’s appointment becomes effective today.

Frank had served as interim Public Defender since Debbie Kwast retired in August 2011. He oversees more than 185 attorneys providing legal representation to those unable to afford a lawyer in over 75,000 cases each year. Susan previously served as Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board and replaces Darlene Bloom, who retired January 4 after sixteen years in the County. She will now run the day-to-day operations and administrative duties for the Board of Supervisors, including distributing and updating agenda materials, maintaining meeting minutes and ensuring documents are available to members of the public.


County Budget on the Mend

The Board approved the Second Quarter Budget Report for FY 2011-12. Some of the highlights are listed below.

The County budget has generally improved over this time last year, due in part to the passage of an on-time State budget that, in turn, allows for on-time funding to the County. Projections going forward also include the receipt of property tax in lieu of vehicle license fees, a net increase of approximately $24 million over last year.

Over the past five fiscal years, the County has reduced the number of its filled positions by nearly 1,600. As a result, the County has avoided increases in short-term costs due to salaries and benefits and long-term costs of retirement.

The Board authorized the OC Public Libraries to receive a $75,000 donation for the expansion of the Laguna Niguel library.

Proposition 172 revenue, the half-cent sales tax for public safety, is expected to increase this year.

The full presentation is below: Budget Report.pdf

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Black History Month Parade - Anaheim
Supervisor Nelson was honored to join Lake Forest Mayor Kathryn McCullough and Anaheim council members Gail Eastman and Kris Murray at their city’s first-ever Black History Parade and Civic Festival in downtown Anaheim. Attended by hundreds of patrons, the parade and festival showcased Orange County’s African heritage, music, sports legends and community leaders. Supervisor Nelson walked the half-mile parade route with family members to celebrate the contributions of African-Americans throughout the country’s history and met with participants afterward. Originally hosted in Santa Ana, the new venue in the Fourth District offered patrons a variety of vendors, County service providers, t-shirt sales and displays of African-American legends and heroes in education, sports, music, public service, medicine and military service.

Pictured above from Left to Right: Councilwoman Eastman – Anaheim, Councilwoman Murray – Anaheim, Mayor McCullough – Lake Forest, Supervisor Nelson.

Anaheim State of the City Luncheon
Supervisor Nelson was honored to attend the Anaheim State of the City luncheon last week. Hosted by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, the annual event featured Mayor Tom Tait, who outlined the status and goals of the largest city in the Fourth District. After the event, Supervisor Nelson took a moment for a photograph with the Mayor.
Job Fair Readiness Workshop!
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OC Animal Care

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The 4th District has vacant appointments on the following commission:

OC Parks Commission

Historical Commission

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please call Audra Adams at (714) 834-3998.
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