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April 18, 2008

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Welcome to this edition of the Fifth District Report, an electronic newsletter keeping you updated about the events taking place in Orange County and in the Fifth District. It is my hope that you find this distribution informative and I would encourage you to contact me regarding any thoughts, comments, or concerns you may have.



1. Fifth District Special Report

2. Board Bulletin Board

3. Transportation Information

4. South County News

5. County Connections

6. Fifth District Spotlight

7. 2008 Earth Day Events

8. Environmental Memos

9. Notes From The Field

10. Critter Chronicles

11. Fifth District Wrap-Up


Justin McCusker:
Chief of Staff

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Executive Director of Public Affairs

Jeff Corless:
Executive Policy Advisor

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Executive Policy Advisor

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Ruth Strachan:
Executive Secretary II

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Volume 2 Issue 14
Fifth District Special Report

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Recruitment Update

The filing period to apply for the appointment of Sheriff-Coroner closes today, April 18, at 11:59 PM. Human Resources and the executive search firm of Bob Murray & Associates unveiled the current list of applicants at 5:00 PM today. Any applications received after 5:00 PM until the official closing time will be added by the end of business on Monday. The next step will involve the executive search firm pre-screening of applicant resumes for experience and qualifications as well as conducting initial interviews. I continue to receive letters, emails and phone calls from the public providing input on issues of importance, which I will raise with each candidate during the interview process in May. Please click here on April 18 after 5:00 PM to view the names and resumes of applicants. Personal or sensitive information will have been removed.

Environmental Health Alert: Laguna Beach/PCH Closure

A large sewage pipeline broke on April 17 in the city of Laguna Beach, causing the closure of Pacific Coast Highway and portions of Laguna Beach. The shoreline from Thalia Street to Rockledge Road is closed to swimming, surfing, and diving due to this sewage spill. Additionally, motorists using PCH in this area may experience major delays as a result of the pipeline breakage. The Orange County Health Care Agency will conduct two consecutive days of sampling to comply with state standards. The earliest the stretch of beach will reopen is Sunday, April 20. The City of Laguna Beach is also working diligently to repair the damaged pipeline to allow regular vehicular traffic on PCH to resume. For more information on this or other Orange County beach closures, please visit www.ocbeachinfo.com.

Board Bulletin Board

Emergency Contract for Surveillance Equipment in Theo Lacy

In light of recent findings in the Special Criminal Grand Jury Investigative Report by the District Attorney and at the request of Acting Sheriff Anderson, I supported ratification of an emergency contract to “cut through the red tape” to expedite implementation of Closed Circuit Television & Digital Surveillance in Theo Lacy Jail. To ensure the safety of deputies and inmates, this system will provide a necessary tool to better monitor jail activities as well as a resource for concrete evidence in cases involving accusations of inmate or deputy wrong-doing. The Board will continue to receive regular updates from the Acting Sheriff on this remedy and many more that are necessary to restore trust in our law enforcement system.

Anti-Gang Initiative Strategy South County Grant

The Board approved the District Attorney’s application for the Anti-Gang Initiative Strategy Grant for South County. These Federal funds will supplement prosecution efforts to quickly obtain gang injunctions and serving them on gang members to reduce gang crime in the target communities of San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente. The District Attorney and the Sheriff’s Department, who provide police services for both cities, have been very successful in working to eradicate gang violence through the use of injunctions. This program continues to be a critical enhancement to public safety in South County.

Protecting Life and Property: Strengthening San Juan Creek

Protecting life and property is a responsibility I take very seriously. To that end, I am pleased to report the Board approved my motion to initiate efforts to permanently strengthen the levees in San Juan Creek. The full project will take place in eight phases over seven years and is anticipated to cost $80 million.

In 2005, San Juan Creek’s west levee experienced severe damage at two locations, threatening hundreds of homes with potential flooding. The County and the Army Corps of Engineers were able to save the homes from flooding and have worked diligently to design and permit a permanent solution for San Juan Creek. Phase I of this project will include installation of sheet piles on the highest priority section of the west levee. The entire stretch of the project will begin in San Juan Creek from Stonehill Drive Bridge to the I-5 Freeway; and on Trabuco Creek Channel from its confluence with San Juan Creek Channel to 1,600 feet upstream of the Del Obisbo Bridge.

Working to Oppose Regulatory Bureaucracy and Abuse

On Tuesday, the Board was asked to approve the creation of a five-year, $1 million escrow agreement for habitat mitigation purposes. On the surface, this may not seem like a big deal. However, when one considers the number of times the Board is asked to tie up public money to serve as financial assurance for habitat mitigation, the impact is tremendous.

The County takes environmental stewardship very seriously and in no way wishes to shirk its responsibility. However, expensive escrow agreements mandated by one public regulatory agency upon another public agency are considered unnecessary and not in the best interest of taxpayers. Public agencies like the County of Orange do not hold the same risks for non-performance as private companies. Private companies may close their doors for a myriad of reasons. Municipalities do not. Further, municipalities serve as stewards of our local environment and implementers and enforcers of environmental regulations.

To better understand the impact these agreements have on the County, Supervisor Bill Campbell and I directed the CEO and County staff to begin assembling information, identifying how many of these types of agreements exist, what regulatory agencies we hold them with, the dollar amount of each agreement, and the duration money is being tied up. Upon completing our research, we will better understand how to address this issue. I suspect a legislative remedy will become necessary. I will be meeting with County staff to strategize ways to ensure state and federal agencies no longer hold local agencies hostage through the regulatory process, resulting in costly escrow agreements at the expense of project delays and decreased opportunities for the County to effectively address priorities, meet needs, and enhance services.

New County Librarian

After a thorough recruitment process, my Board colleagues and I appointed the Acting County Librarian, Helen Fried, as the permanent County Librarian for OC Public Libraries (OCPL).

Helen was employed by the Long Beach Public Library over 15 years before joining OCPL in 2002. After working as head of OCPL’s Bibliographic Services division, she was appointed to Assistant County Librarian in 2005. Ms. Fried earned her Master’s Degree in Library Science and Information Management from the University of Southern California.

As part of the County’s reorganization to consolidate departments and improve its financial position through sharing administrative resources and achieving economies of scale, OC Public Libraries will become part of OC Community Resources. Fried will report to the Director of OC Community Resources as part of the Executive Management Team, which also includes the Directors of OC Community Services, OC Parks, and OC Animal Care. Aligning these four service systems will increase access to and improve delivery of County services. For more information, please click here.

Transportation Information

State Commission Awards OCTA Projects $218 Million

I’m pleased to report that the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has announced Orange County will receive $218 million from the state to help offset impacts of goods moving from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles through the region.

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) will provide $263 million in matching funds, bringing the total for projects set to begin construction in the next two to five years to $481 million. OCTA requested money for seven grade separation and two freeway projects. Of the nine projects, eight received funding. For more information, please click here.

High-Speed Passenger Rail Bond Act

Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani (Stockton) has proposed legislation to amend the language in AB 3034, the High-Speed Passenger Rail Bond Act, scheduled for the November ballot. Specifically, the OCTA Board of Directors requested language in the bill to ensure if the bond measure is passed by the voters in November, revenues from the rail system would be equitably appropriated throughout the state, guaranteeing southern California projects receive a fair share. Additionally, the OCTA Board requested amendments include Anaheim as a station in the Los Angeles segment to ensure the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) is included.

Safeguarding Motorists On Our Highways

On behalf of the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT), I sent letters of support to the State Assembly and State Senate Transportation Committee for Assembly Joint Resolution 52. This resolution will reaffirm California’s opposition to proposals at all levels of government that would authorize increases in the size or weight of commercial motor vehicles. Longer Combination Vehicles (LCV) such as double and triple trailer trucks with a gross weight more than 80,000 pounds are the greatest concern because of the impact these increases would have on highway safety, infrastructure, and traffic congestion. To see copies of my letters, please click here. To learn more about truck safety and the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, please click here.

Crown Valley Parkway Widening Project

I sent letters this week to U.S. Representative Gary Miller, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer to reiterate my strong support for including federal funding for the Crown Valley Widening Project (from I-5 to Cabot Road) in the FY2009 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill – known as the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act. This funding request will be added in the technical corrections process.

The good news is the U.S. Senate invoked a cloture vote. A cloture vote is the only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, thereby overcoming a filibuster. Under the cloture rule, the Senate may limit consideration of a pending matter to 30 additional hours, but only by a 3/5 vote of the full Senate (normally 60 votes). It passed on Monday with 93 votes, meaning the appropriations bill will go to conference for technical corrections upon receiving the House of Representatives’ version of the bill. This is an important step forward to bring taxpayer dollars back to our local communities for much needed projects such as the widening of Crown Valley Parkway. To see copies of my letters, please click here.

South County News

El Toro Water District Reservoir Tour

Last week, I joined El Toro Water District (ETWD) Board President Ted Martin, Vice President Scott Goldman and General Manager Bob Hill for a briefing and tour of the El Toro Reservoir. ETWD officials gave an overview of how imported water is brought to South County, the County's dependence on imported water, and what South County is continuing to do to improve the system and reliability of supply. General Manager Bob Hill explained statewide water supply challenges as well as Orange County water objectives and projects. He also highlighted the challenges and constraints on the region that come with dependence on imported water from northern California and solutions either being implemented or considered from a state, regional and local perspective.

I then toured the El Toro Reservoir and viewed smaller facilities at the site, maintained by the Moulton Niguel and Santa Margarita Water Districts and the Metropolitan Water District of Orange County. The Reservoir, which currently holds 275 million gallons, is the largest covered drinking water reservoir in Orange County. ETWD provides water service to portions of the cities of Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo and the entire city of Laguna Woods. For more information, please click here.

County Connections

Vendor Information Day

The County of Orange holds a Vendor Information Day on the last Thursday of each month (except holidays). These sessions provide vendors with information on how to do business with the County and answer questions regarding the County’s purchasing process. For more information, please click here.

Orange County Boy Scouts – Join the Adventure!

As a follow-up reminder to last week’s newsletter, Cub Scout and Boy Scout age boys are invited to “Join the Adventure” by signing up for Scouting at neighborhood style registration events at middle schools and junior high schools throughout Orange County. Boy’s joining Scouting at sign-up events will also receive a free Scouting water bottle and T-shirt.

Scouting recruitment events will take place on Saturday, April 19, 9-11 AM; Tuesday, April 22, 6-8 PM; and Wednesday, April 23, 6-8 PM. For more information and/or to find a Scouting sign-up location near you, please click here.

Habitat for Humanity South County Volunteers

Habitat for Humanity continues to look for volunteers to help build affordable ownership homes in communities throughout Orange County – including San Juan Capistrano - beginning this summer. To that end, Habitat for Humanity of Orange County has added another Habitat Night (new volunteer orientation) to its lineup of information sessions being held for new those interested in volunteering. The added sessions will be held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the San Juan Capistrano Community Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 32202 Del Obispo Street. The first orientation will be held on Tuesday, April 22, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, please call Sara Hilgenberg at (714) 434-6200 ext. 234 or visit www.habitatoc.org.

Fifth District Spotlight

Ocean Institute Honors Its Volunteers

As an educational non-profit organization, the Ocean Institute (OI), located in Dana Point Harbor, is very grateful for the talents and thousands of hours provided by its great team of volunteers. With over 400 volunteers and more than 29,000 hours of service in 2007, it is easy to see the significance of the role they play in OI programs. Each year, OI recognizes its volunteers and particularly those from each department, whose efforts have gone above and beyond their peers. In 2007, OI had eight volunteers who exceeded 400 hours and two with more than 500 hours of service. From Tallships and gift shop to science labs and husbandry, these volunteers keep the Institute’s doors open and its programs affordable. The following are the volunteers recognized at last week’s Ocean Institute Volunteer Awards Dinner:

  • Tallship Crew (co-honorees) – Randle Dewees & Ron Ossandon
  • R.V. Sea Explorer – Cal Todd
  • Chamber's Gallery – Imogen Beattie
  • Visitor Services – Jim Schmitt
  • Education – Diane Schmitt
  • Tour Docent – Dick Rosenberg
  • Public Program – Stephanie Melton
  • Husbandry – Steve Zabel
  • Youth – Kelsey Remmes
  • Special Events – Amy Ambellan
  • Special Projects (stream tables) – Marty Sorkin
  • Special Projects (crew shirts) – Anne McCrerey, Imogen Beattie, Robin Valles & Connie Carlton
Additionally, my office was pleased to present Certificates of Recognition to:

  • Jim Schmitt – OI Volunteer with the Most Hours (well over 500)
  • Leah Carlisle – OI Volunteer of the Year
Thank you to all of the Ocean Institute’s volunteers for a job well done and congratulations to the special honorees this year. For more information, please click here.

2008 Earth Day Events

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is the annual celebration of the environment and a time to assess the work still needed to protect the natural gifts of our planet. Earth Day has no central organizing force behind it though several nongovernmental organizations work to keep track of the thousands of local events in schools and parks that mark the day. Below is information on Earth Day events in the Fifth District. For more information about Earth Day, please click here.

Ocean Institute Celebrates International Year of the Reef

Recognizing the need to increase public awareness of our valuable coral reefs and associated ecosystems, the International Coral Reef Initiative has designated 2008 as International Year of the Reef (IYOR). On weekends, beginning April 19 & 20 and running through the end of September, the Ocean Institute located in Dana Point Harbor will present hands-on labs, speakers, arts & crafts, films and more to introduce visitors to coral reefs and our own local rocky reefs. The Ocean Institute’s IYOR exhibition will kick off their Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 19. For more information, please click here.

Dana Point Earth/Ocean Day Neighborhood Cleanup

Kids and adults in Dana Point are invited to help cleanup their neighborhood, Lantern Village, and Dana Point Harbor on Saturday, April 19 at 9 AM (gloves and bags provided). An after-party will be held at La Plaza Park with free pizza and refreshments for participants. The after party will also feature booths with environmental giveaways as well as a police and fire truck display. For more information, please click here.

Laguna Hills Volunteer Connection Day

Laguna Hills’ Volunteer Connection Day will take place Saturday, April 19, 9 AM - 12 Noon, at the Laguna Hills Community Center. The event will consist of trail clean-ups, tree planting, soil improvement, and consumer electronic collection. A special ‘thank you’ lunch will follow at the conclusion of the project. For more information, please click here.

Rancho Santa Margarita’s Go Green Expo

This new community event will offer the opportunity for residents to become educated on products and services offered locally to promote a greener lifestyle. As part of the Go Green Expo, an e-waste drop off site will be available on Saturday, April 19 at Civic Plaza from 3 to 7 PM. For more information, please click here.

Earth Day San Clemente

This event is presented by the City of San Clemente and the Watershed Task Force. Bring the family down for a day of fun to celebrate Earth Day. Enjoy live entertainment, displays, demonstrations, vendor booths, and Kid’s Area with arts & crafts and face painting. Saturday, April 19, 10am – 2pm, Parque Del Mar (next to the San Clemente Pier). For more information, please click here.

Laguna Woods Celebrates Earth Week: April 22–25

Save the dates! Join Laguna Woods in celebrating the 39th anniversary of Earth Day. Free Earth Week movies will be shown at City Hall and are open to the public. No reservations are required but seating will be on a first come first served basis. Refreshments will be available at no charge. For more information about Laguna Woods’ Earth Week events, please click here and here or call 949-639-0500. For information about the Earth Week movies, please click here.

San Juan Capistrano’s Earth Day Fair

Celebrate Earth Day on Thursday, April 24, as San Juan Capistrano hosts its seventh annual Earth Day Fair. Youngsters and adults can learn from hands-on displays, environmental computer games and an enviroscape model, demonstrating how common household items can pollute the creeks and ocean. Plenty of free giveaways and information! The Earth Day Fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the San Juan Capistrano Gymnasium at 25925 Camino del Avion. For more information, please click here.

Environmental Memos

Celebrate Parkland!

Please join Laguna Canyon Foundation and The Conservation Fund in celebrating the addition of five parcels to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Your vote for Proposition 12 in 2000 has enabled them to purchase a total of 238 acres with park bond funding administered by the California Coastal Conservancy. Land acquisition is part of their ongoing effort to preserve, protect and enhance the South Coast Wilderness.

When: Wednesday, April 23 at 4:15 PM
Where: Acquisition site
Park: At or near Alta Laguna Park – follow signs to ceremony
For more information, please call Laguna Canyon Foundation at 949-497-8324 or e-mail lagunacf2@lagunacanyon.org.

TCA Completes Bobcat Study

As part of the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ (TCA) commitment to ensure that wildlife impacts are fully mitigated, the Agency follows construction with years of study and preservation programs. During wildlife monitoring after construction of the 73 Toll Road, TCA documented animal species, including coyote and bobcat, regularly using the under-crossings near the Bonita Reservoir in Newport Beach. Wildlife usage of the study area changed over the course of the five-year study, primarily due to nearby development. At the end of the study period, TCA joined a broader bobcat study, which covered 20,000 acres of wilderness and parks. The study area is bordered on the west by Dover Drive in Newport Beach; by Crown Valley Parkway to the east; on the south by Pacific Coast Highway; and to the north by the 405 Freeway.

Bobcats play an important role as top predator in this area. Over two years, 21 bobcats were captured and 17 were fitted with GPS collars and tracked. The study was completed in October, 2007, and the final report is under final preparation. The final report will include estimates of bobcats’ home range, analysis of their movement and patterns, and estimates of the bobcat population in this area. The report will also include management and future study recommendations.

Habitat Restoration at Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Laguna Niguel Regional Park is looking for a maximum of 25 volunteers to assist with non- native plant removal at “Narco Channel” on site. Work with County staff and learn about non-native plants and their negative effect on our park land. This is a labor intensive volunteer opportunity and not appropriate for small children (volunteers 16 years and over only please). Dates available: April 5, April 12, April 19 and April 26 – 8 AM to 12 noon. Volunteer Registration required prior to volunteering. Please RSVP to Angeline.santiago@RDMD.ocgov.com. For more information, please click here.

Notes From The Field

TCA Native Habitat Spring Tours

The public is invited to enjoy our spectacular wildflowers this spring as part of the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ (TCA) 2008 Native Habitat Tour Series. The tours are led by biologists and scientists through open space areas that were protected or restored during construction of the 73, 241, 261, and 133 Toll Roads. The second of four free tours offered by TCA is:

Upper Chiquita Canyon
Wildflower & Bird Watching Tour
April 26, 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
This conservation area located near Coto de Caza was preserved as part of construction of the 241 Toll Road. This hike gives participants a peek at a 1,182-acre area, rich with coastal sage scrub, oak woodland, perennial grassland, and natural drainage habitats. The natural history of the site, including geology, soils, plants, insects, birds and reptiles, will be the focus of this hike. The tour, which includes some hills, will be led by a plant ecologist and an ornithologist. To sign up for the tour, please call (949) 754-3405 or email Morgan@sjhtca.com. For more information, please click here.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Explore the trails and learn more about the flora, fauna, geology and history of Laguna Coast Wilderness Park with Laguna Canyon Foundation volunteer naturalists and OC Parks staff! Below are a few of the opportunities that are being offered. For more information, please click here.

  • Saturday, April 19
    Keep It Wild Volunteer Day

    8-11 a.m.
    Volunteers help Laguna Canyon Foundation and OC Parks staff with exotic plant removal and other restoration projects. Meet at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Little Sycamore Canyon Staging Area (west side of Laguna Canyon Road/SR-133, approximately 5 miles south of I-5/405). Reservations suggested. For additional information, please call 949-923-2235. Free (parking fee waived).

  • Saturday, April 19
    Techno Trek
    9 a.m.–noon
    First join Laguna Canyon Foundation volunteer naturalist David Louton for a short discussion and demonstration of high-tech items for the trail such as GPS devices, green lasers, binoculars, cameras, portable weather stations and astronomy aids. A moderate, 3.5-mile hike to practice using this equipment will follow. Meet at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Willow Canyon Staging Area (20101 Laguna Canyon Road, west side, just south of El Toro Road intersection). Reservations suggested: 949-923-2235. Parking: $3.

  • Sunday, April 20
    Birding Hike

    8-11 a.m.
    Spot spring and migratory birds with Laguna Canyon Foundation volunteer naturalist Paul Klahr on this hike through one of the most diverse plant communities in the United States. Bring binoculars. Meet at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Nix Nature Center, Little Sycamore Canyon Staging Area (west side of Laguna Canyon Road/SR-133, approximately 5 miles south of I-5/405). RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: 949-923-2235. Parking: $3.

  • Thursday, April 24
    Fitness Hike

    9-11 a.m.
    Raise your heart rate and your spirits on this strenuous, fast-paced, 3.5 to 5 mile hike with Laguna Canyon Foundation volunteer naturalist Helen Flanagan. Meet at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Little Sycamore Canyon Staging Area (west side of Laguna Canyon Road/SR-133, approximately 5 miles south of I-5/405). Reservations suggested: 949-923-2235. Parking: $3.

  • Saturday, April 26
    Make a Day of It Hike

    9 a.m.-2 p.m.
    Enjoy panoramic ocean views and blooming wildflowers on this approximately 10-mile hike with Laguna Canyon Foundation naturalist Brad Larkins. Bring plenty of water and a lunch. Meet at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Willow Canyon Staging Area (20101 Laguna Canyon Road, west side, just south of El Toro Road intersection). Reservations suggested: 949-923-2235. Parking: $3.

Saturday Morning Nature Walks at O'Neill Regional Park

Join Park Rangers or Naturalists for an easy 1.5 mile nature walk through various habitats to learn about the Park's diverse plant communities and local wildlife. Meet at the Nature Center Amphitheatre on Saturday mornings at 9:00am. The Nature Walk is canceled if the park receives significant rainfall within the previous 48 hours. Please call the park office at (949) 923-2260 for current conditions and program schedule. For more information about Saturday Morning Nature Walks, please click here. For information about O'Neill Regional Park, please click here.

Saturday Night Campfires at Caspers Wilderness Park

Bring family and friends to camp out and join park staff for the Saturday Night Campfire Program at Caspers Wilderness Park from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. This 1 hour program involves various activities such as slide shows, live animals, poetry, singing, theatrical skits, as well as many artifact and ‘eco-fact’ displays, including animal skulls and skins. This program is limited to overnight family campers. For more information, please call the park office at (949) 923-2210 or click here. For information about Caspers Wilderness Park, please click here.

Sunday Morning Nature Walks at Caspers Wilderness Park

Join Park Rangers for an easy 1-mile nature walk to learn about the park's diverse plant communities and local wildlife. Meet near the old windmill on Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. The Nature Walk is canceled if the park receives significant rainfall within the previous 48 hours. For more information, please call the park office at (949) 923-2210 or click here. For information about Caspers Wilderness Park, please click here.

Critter Chronicles

Laguna Niguel Regional Park Geese to be Relocated

75 domestic geese that took up residence at Laguna Niguel Regional Park will soon go to new homes to live out their lives in a more rural setting. The geese were brought to the park by unknown visitors over the years. The geese, which are for the most part flightless, compete with fishermen and do their best to avoid natural predators in the area. But their population has grown steadily, causing pollution in and around the lake, creating hazards for visitors, and putting the geese themselves in harm’s way.

The geese will be humanely rounded up by OC Parks staff and relocated to Inland Empire farms seeking water fowl. They will aid in uses such as training horses to work in an environment with a variety of wildlife. Roundups and relocations will begin over the next several weeks.

Pet Project Foundation's 15th Annual Wag-A-Thon

Pet Project Foundation, the all volunteer, non-profit group that raises funds for the animals at the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter, presents their 15th Annual Wag-A-Thon on Saturday, April 26. The acclaimed “walk with the animals” will be held in the beautiful Dana Point Harbor from 8:30 AM to 1 PM. This fun-filled, family event will feature Pet Contests, Disc Dog demonstrations, a Bowser Bazaar, refreshments, live music, and Nicodemus – the celebrity dog – and more. Over 2000 dog lovers and 1000 dogs are expected to come from far and wide to join the festivities and support the shelter animals. For more information, please click here.

Fifth District Wrap-Up

Among my many meetings, briefings, and other supervisorial activities, I also:

  • Participated in the Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated’s 40th Anniversary Luncheon & Fashion Show
  • Met with the founder of BIS Kids, an organization dedicated to educating children on the dangers of addiction. For more information, please click here.
  • Met with the head of the Internal Audit to discuss the department’s activities
My office also:

  • Attended a Ladera Ranch Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony to present a Certificate of Recognition in honor of the grand opening of Tspoons: A Unique Culinary Experience.
  • Attended the Ocean Institute’s Volunteer Recognition Ceremony to present Certificates of Recognition to this year’s honorees
  • Met with Health Care Agency officials to discuss a Senior Summit event to be held in the Fifth District later this year. Stay tuned for more information.
My staff and I look forward to continually providing you updated information in our Fifth District Newsletter and website.

Please feel free to contact my office with your concerns, comments or questions at (714) 834-3550.

I wish our Jewish community a most joyous and reverent Passover.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Supervisor for Orange County's Fabulous Fifth District. Thank you so much for your support!