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June 7, 2019 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2
Sober Living Homes: Call for a County Ordinance

Responding to the Community

On May 31, our office held a Town Hall meeting in prompt response to a string of concerns aired by North Tustin residents regarding sober living homes.

Over 100 residents attended, and together, we discussed the facts about these residences.

The Sheriff's Department, the Health Care Agency, and the County's legal counsel came to answer questions and address community concerns. 

Key takeaways on sober living homes:

  • These homes do not provide medical services
  • Individuals must abstain from drugs and alcohol
  • Covered under the American Disabilities Act
  • Covered under the Fair Housing Act
  • Unregulated by the state
  • Unregulated by local government
  • Are privately-owned residences

The stone-cold sobering truth is you need to call your state representative to free up regulations tying the County's hands. The state restricts any action at the County level, so our remedies are few and far between.

On June 4 at the Board, Supervisor Don Wagner requested the County bring a zoning ordinance similar to the one enacted in Costa Mesa, so the County can regulate these facilities wherever possible.

After the passage of this ordinance, Supervisor Wagner and the County will have done everything within its power to protect our local communities. A final vote is expected before the end of summer. 

Sober living homes not only threaten to change a neighborhood's family-friendly character but because they offer no medical services, these residences provide no healthcare oversight for people seeking treatment, either. 

  • The County can enforce our zoning regulations. But that doesn't prohibit sober living homes.
  • The County can enforce parking codes. But that's only a part of the problem.
  • Until there are seven or more people in one of these homes, these private residences remain completely unregulated under our current laws. 

A Call to Action

If you are concerned about sober living homes in your neighborhood, please call County Code Enforcement and log your concern.

Call Code Enforcement: (714) 667-8850


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Veterans' Cemetery Op-Ed in the Orange County Register

On Sunday, June 1, the Orange County Register published Supervisor Wagner's Op-Ed on the Veterans' cemetery. Our deserving Veterans have been promised a local site for years and it's time to move forward with a viable solution. 

Supervisor Wagner is requesting from our state legislators that Assembly Bill 368 is changed from the Irvine site to the Anaheim Hills site.

Below is an excerpt from his piece in the Register:

"Orange County’s vital role in military history, as home to the Tustin and El Toro air stations, makes our county a fitting place for [a Veterans' cemetery] space.

Originally, the site was to be in Irvine, but local political infighting ruined the opportunity to put a cemetery on the El Toro Base by driving up the cost to Irvine taxpayers. The proposed site in Irvine would require expensive, toxic remediation. Realistically, there are no funds to pursue this.

There is an alternate Irvine site, which also has funding issues, that the City Council is considering but that would negatively impact existing plans at the Great Park. This deadlock will not be broken any time soon...

The county, with my enthusiastic support as Third District supervisor, found a workable cemetery site in Anaheim Hills near the 241 Toll Road and 91 Freeway. The area is monumental, at a grand 283 acres, and already deeded over to the Orange County Cemetery District. Unlike in Irvine, Anaheim’s political leadership fully supports the cemetery at this location. This project is ready for development.

I say we look to Anaheim Hills...and put this political gridlock to rest...To expedite the building process, I am contacting legislators to request that funds are allocated to the Anaheim Hills site. Please join me and contact your state legislator to amend AB 368."

Read the full article here:

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The Re-Dedication of Judge Betty Lou Lamoreaux

In 1974, Judge Betty Lou Lamoreaux was appointed to the municipal bench, then later served on the Superior Court bench. As a jurist, she won multiple commendations and awards for her skilled work and dedication to justice in the community. 

The Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange is rightfully named after Betty, who was an ardent children’s rights advocate.

Pat Buttress, our field rep and longtime Orange resident, presented a Certificate of Recognition to applaud the invaluable efforts of Orange County’s first female Superior Court judge, Betty Lou Lamoreaux. Orange County Superior Court’s current presiding judge and Yorba Linda resident, Kirk Nakamura, received the award on the Center's behalf. 

During the re-dedication ceremony, Nakamura peeled back a plain cloth to reveal a vivid portrait of the Center's beloved judge, painted by student Lousia Chen from the Orange County School of the Arts.

Judge Betty Lou Lamoreaux's legacy lives on as an icon for hope, valor, and virtue.

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Supervisor Sponsors "Concerts in the Park"

Don't play it by ear, make arrangments to attend Tustin's "Concerts in the Park" at Peppertree Park every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

June 12 - Blue Breeze Band - Motown
June 19 - Mark Easterday Band - Country
June 26 - K-Tell All Stars - 70's
July 3 - Like Totally Fer Sure - 80's
July 10 - Electric Vinyl - 70's/80's Rock
July 17 - Grilled Cheese Soundwich - Top 40
July 24 - DSB - Journey Tribute
July 31 - Eagles Experience - Eagles Tribute

Spread out a blanket and enjoy an ensemble of good tunes, hearty food, and great family-friendly fun. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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