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September 20, 2013

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Welcome to this edition of the Fifth District Report, an electronic newsletter keeping you updated about the events taking place in Orange County and in the Fifth District. It is my hope that you find this distribution informative and I would encourage you to contact me regarding any thoughts, comments, or concerns you may have.














Don Hughes:
Chief of Staff

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Deputy Chief of Staff

Sergio Prince:
Policy Advisor

Erik Weigand:
Policy Advisor

Emily Osterberg:
Policy Advisor

Veronica Yniguez:
Policy Advisor

Ruth Strachan:
Office Manager

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Volume 7 Issue 37

Ecological and Resource Protection Benefits to Aliso Creek

Using a State Grant, OC Parks has been successfully partnering with the Orange County Conservation Corps, performing restoration work in the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

Recently, it was discovered that administrative costs associated with overseeing the project were much lower than anticipated. As such, the Board voted to use the excess funds to perform additional work at the wilderness park.

Using the Orange County Conservation Corps is a win-win for the County. Not only do our parks benefit, we are helping young adults transition from adolescence to adult employability while instilling a work ethic and a sense of public service.

For more information, please click here and here.

Assisting Needy Residents and Reducing Solid Waste

The James A. Musick Jail Facility recently resumed utilizing inmate labor to grow limited amounts of produce to supplement food purchases. These efforts have proven very successful, resulting in harvests that exceed the needs of the inmates.

To that end, the Board voted and approved donating the excess produce to the Orange County Food Bank. This will provide food to the residents of our community who are not able to sufficiently provide for their families. Inmates participating in this program can take pride in the knowing they not only provided food for themselves and fellow inmates, but for those in our communities who are less fortunate.

For more information, please click here.

Rancho Mission Viejo Tract Map

The Board approved a Final Tract Map as part of the Rancho Mission Viejo Planned Community (“Ranch Plan”).

Final Tract Map No. 17061, which comprises a portion of the Gavilan development within Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan, consists of nearly 6,000 gross acres and contains 21 numbered lots for single-family residential development, as well as five lettered lots for streets, street lighting, sewer, water, and survey monumentation. Pulte Home Corporation is the project builder.

For more information, please click here.

Potentially Dangerous or Vicious Dog Program

The Board approved amending County Ordinances, authorizing the OC Animal Care Director to effectively operate the Potentially Dangerous or Vicious Dog program by clarifying several aspects of these ordinances and imposing changes deemed necessary based on operational experience of the current program.

OC Animal Care currently operates a Potentially Dangerous or Vicious Dog program based on Ordinances 4-1-23 and 4-1-95. These ordinances define Potentially Dangerous or Vicious Dogs and outline the procedural aspects of the program.

The proposed changes also allow the Director of OC Animal Care to establish a website, listing the address of each dog that has been declared Potentially Dangerous or Vicious by OC Animal Care, a description of the dog, and a description of any actions of the dog the posting of which the Director deems reasonably necessary to protect the health, safety, or welfare of the public.

For more information, please click here.

Grand Jury Response: Equal Employment Opportunity

The Board approved the County’s response to the Grand Jury Report entitled: “The Goal of Equal Employment Opportunity: NO VICTIMS.” The report was issued in June 2013 and provided findings and recommendations for not only the County of Orange, but all 34 cities in the County. This is the fourth report related to harassment and ethical standards that the 2012-13 Grand Jury released during their term. In response to the Grand Jury’s report on Equal Employment Opportunity, the County has implemented all of the recommendations from the Grand Jury, and continues to improve our handling of EEO and Harassment issues.

While the County of Orange has been under intense scrutiny regarding its response to harassment issues, the Grand Jury recognized the positive changes that the Board of Supervisors have implemented. The Grand Jury recognized these efforts in their report stating “...the County’s efforts are worthy of note as well. Recentralization of the Human Resources function, now called the Human Resources Services Department (HRSD), and a significant investment in a broad training initiative will enhance employee protections and reduce liability exposure. The County’s continued efforts are critical to achieving these goals.”

To read more on this item, click here.

Ladera Ranch CFD (Mello Roos) Refunding

From 2002-2004, the County Board of Supervisors approved in concept the issuance of Special Tax Bonds for six Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) in Ladera Ranch to fund the acquisition and construction of public facilities; three of the CFD’s were refunded in December 2005. Preliminary analysis from the County’s Finance Department shows that a refunding may generate significant savings in debt service and special taxes that will benefit residents within the districts. Based on interest rates as of July 23, 2013, an estimated savings of $10.7 million may be achieved for two of the three districts. This will translate to an estimated average annual savings of $197 per year for those under the 2002 CFD and $386 for the 2003 CFD. (Please note: At this time the CFD created in 2004 is not showing a significant savings, however it will be monitored and may be included in this refunding at a later time if the analysis shows a savings associated with the 2004 bonds.)

To read more on this item, click here.

OCERS Appointment

The Board unanimously approved the appointment of Mr. David Ball to the vacant seat on the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS). Mr. Ball brings extensive private sector experience in financial management, investment, banking and real estate development areas to the OCERS Board. In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Ball is also very involved in numerous community organizations. In his discussion with the Board, Mr. Ball stressed the importance of providing a balance between keeping the solvency of the retirement fund while being sensitive to the impact on the municipalities that are members of the OCERS. I look forward to working with Mr. Ball in the future as both the OCERS Board and the Board of Supervisors work together to address the existing unfunded liability in the OCERS pension fund.

To read more about Mr. Ball, click here.


M2020 One-Year Review

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Board of Directors was presented with an update on the M2020 plan since its adoption September last year. M2020 lays out a schedule and funding plan for Renewed Measure M (M2) projects to expedite their delivery by 2020.

In all, more than $5 billion in transportation improvements promised to voters in M2 are planned to be completed or under construction by 2020 as part of the M2020 Plan. This includes:
  • $3 billion to complete 14 freeway projects
  • $36 million to environmentally clear the nine remaining freeway projects
  • $1.2 billion for streets and roads
  • $1 billion for transit; and
  • $58 million for environmental programs
OCTA's review of the plan has ensured that the implemented projects and programs remain deliverable. Progress on M2020 projects will continue to be monitored and reviewed by the OCTA Board.

Opportunity for Teens to Weigh In on Transportation Policy

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is hosting a discussion about transportation and student travel from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Tuesday, October 1 in Conference Room 103/104 at OCTA Headquarters, 600 S. Main Street, Santa Ana.

Students between ages 16 and 18 are encouraged to attend and give their thoughts about carpooling and biking and come up with different transportation alternatives. Input received will assist OCTA in development of its Long Range Transportation Plan.

Refreshments will be served. To RSVP, please call (714) 560-5553 or email Stacy Greer at sgreer@octa.net.

OCTA: On The Move

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) has released its latest edition of “Orange County: On The Move.” To view the OCTA e-newsletter, please click here.


California Coastal Cleanup Day September 21

On Saturday, September 21, people will join together at sites all over California to take part in the State's largest volunteer event – California Coastal Cleanup Day.

This year represents the 29th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. OC Parks, OC Public Works and the City of Laguna Niguel are cohosting an invasive special removal project and trash clean up at Narco Channel/Laguna Niguel Regional Park. For more information, please click here.

OC Dana Point Harbor is also seeking volunteers for California Coastal Clean-Up Day. A unique aspect of the clean-up effort at OC Dana Point Harbor is an Underwater Clean-Up, as open-water certified divers are invited to volunteer and participate. For more information, please click here and here.

Meet Angels Legend Bobby Grich September 21

The County of Orange has partnered with Angels Baseball to host a household hazardous waste collection event September 21 at Prima Deshecha Landfill in San Juan Capistrano. Don’t miss your chance to meet Angels Legend Bobby Grich and get 4 FREE tickets to the Angels vs. Oakland Athletics game Tuesday, September 24 at 7:05 PM!

Bring your favorite Angels jersey or memorabilia (one item) and meet Angels legend, Bobby Grich, and get his autograph from 10:00 AM to noon. Bring the kids and participate in hands-on projects and fun, family activities with Discovery Science Center, Goodwill of Orange County, CR&R Incorporated Environmental Services, OC Waste & Recycling and more! Residents who bring their household hazardous waste (HHW) will also receive four FREE tickets (while supplies last) to the Angels game September 24.

This event is hosted by OC Waste & Recycling, which owns and operates Prima Deshecha Landfill. It is the third and final event of the Eco Challenge Triple Play series in partnership with the County of Orange, Angels Baseball and Discovery Science Center.

For more information, please click here and here.

Orange County Coastal Coalition

Please join me Thursday, September 26 for the Orange County Coastal Coalition meeting. The meeting will be held in the City of Newport Beach Community Room, 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach.

The following presentations are scheduled:
  • Brian Lochrie, President of Communications, Poseidon Water, will be discussing the Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Facility Project;
  • John Kennedy, Executive Director of Engineering and Local Resources, Orange County Water District, will provide information on “Water Reuse: The Groundwater Replenishment System;” and
  • Darcy Burke, Director of Public Affairs, Municipal Water District of Orange County, will discuss the Doheny Desalination Project.
The presentations will be followed by a Question & Answer session. For more information, please click here and here.

Wilderness Preserve Hike & Equestrian Ride

Join the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Saturday, October 5 for a special hiking tour or horse ride on OCTA's wilderness preserve in Trabuco Canyon. During this interpretive excursion, learn how OCTA is contributing to wildlife and habitat preservation in Orange County.

The guided two-mile tour is taking place on the 399-acre Ferber Ranch property. OCTA's acquisition of this property protects several vital wildlife movement corridors, ensures the preservation of high quality habitat, and allows this core segment of Trabuco Canyon to be permanently protected.

This tour is intended to be a show of goodwill by OCTA that the Ferber Ranch property will eventually be open to public access. The property has been closed to public access while OCTA works with various resource agencies in the development of a Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP) and a Resource Management Plan, which will ultimately include a plan for managed public access.

There has been increasing concern regarding unauthorized trespassing on this property. This trespassing (including the cutting of new trails) could jeopardize OCTA’s permits for upcoming freeway projects, as this property is part of OCTA’s Freeway Mitigation Program. As such, while the intent is to open the property for public access in the future, it is important in the interim that OCTA ensures the integrity of the habitat while the plans are being developed.

For more information, please click here.


Register for 4th Annual Regional Test of AlertOC

New smartphone apps are now available for AlertOC – Orange County's regional mass notification system. Available for iPhone and Android smartphones, the apps will allow users to receive push notifications, review past messages, update contact information and set device and language preferences. Smartphone users can find the app by searching "Blackboard MyConnect" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

On Tuesday, September 24, nearly two million Orange County residents registered with AlertOC will receive a call at 10:00 a.m. to test AlertOC. This is the fourth annual regional test of the system and will include 22 participating cities and the County's unincorporated areas, including the communities of Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, and Wagon Wheel.

Residents are encouraged to self-register their email addresses, cell phone numbers and other numbers to be a part of the regional test.

The key feature of AlertOC is the ability for residents to register more than one contact method at a specific address. Registrations of cell phone and alternate numbers increase the potential of reaching the greatest number of community members as rapidly as possible. This enables landlines, cell phones and email addresses to be incorporated into a single notification system.

The AlertOC drill September 24 will replicate a large scale, multi-jurisdictional emergency, requiring thousands of numbers to be called simultaneously across Orange County's entire region. The phone message will urge all residents to prepare for real-life emergencies by registering their cell numbers, text numbers and email addresses at AlertOC.com for the best chance to receive vital, timely information when away from home.

Emergencies can happen at any time. A wildfire could spread or a flood could close roads to a neighborhood while residents are away from home. In these instances, AlertOC is a critical link for residents to immediately learn of any required actions.

For more information, or to register alternate phone numbers or email addresses, please visit AlertOC.com. Commuters are reminded to be safe and use hands-free devices when talking on the phone and driving. For more information, please click here.

National Preparedness Month: Teacher Tips

Schools are an important and integral part of a child’s life. Having an emergency situation away from home can leave children feeling frightened, confused, and insecure. The best way to help students feel safe about disasters is to educate them.

Make sure they understand they are an important part of your school’s emergency plan. Good planning ahead of time will expedite a rapid, coordinated, effective response when a crisis does occur.

For more information, please click here and here.

City of Mission Viejo Offers 10-Week Parenting Program

Parents are invited to take part in Parent Project, a program designed to help children grow into safe and capable adults. The program takes place October 1 through December 10. The City of Mission Viejo offers the 10-week program, which was created for parents with difficult or out-of-control adolescent children.

Developed over a 20-year period, the curriculum helps parents learn and practice specific prevention and intervention strategies for defiant actions or destructive behaviors, such as truancy, alcohol and drug use, gangs, running away, violence and other issues. Parents will learn proven tools and tactics to deal with poor grades, teen social trends, and understand teen use of technology.

The first six classes of the 10-week program take place Tuesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., with the rest ending an hour earlier at the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center, 24932 Veterans Way. Space is limited, so register today by calling (949) 470-8433.

For more information about this beneficial program, please click here.


OC Animal Care: MVP Event

Please join OC Animal Care in celebrating the many varieties of pets they have Saturday, September 21 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You’ll have a chance to interact with some of their most popular breeds in the shelter courtyard. FREE spay/neuter!

For more information, please click here.

Inmates and Canines Graduate from COLLAR Program

The COLLAR (Canines Offering Life Lessons And Reward) Program pairs dogs from the Orange County Shelter classified as “last chance” due to behavioral issues with inmates from James A Musick Jail Facility.

The most recent class of graduates included nine male inmates and three canines. After six weeks of classroom instruction, the inmates brought the dogs into their dorm-style cells for an additional six weeks of training. At the graduation, the inmates demonstrated the new tricks and commands the canines now follow, such as sit, go-around, roll over, and high-five.

Dusty, a poodle/terrier mix, will continue to an advanced training program for possible placement with an autistic child; Mattie, a chocolate lab mix, will be transferred to her new adopter; and Peanut, a miniature poodle, is still in need of adoption.

For more information, please click here.


Saturday Clerk Services for Busy Workers and Families

Special weekend hours for the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department will again be available Saturday, September 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Old County Courthouse in Santa Ana and the department’s branch offices in Laguna Hills and Fullerton.

As the special Saturday openings have surged in popularity, especially with families and those who work during the week, additional Saturday hours are being planned once a month through the end of the year. Please check www.ocrecorder.com for exact dates and times. FREE parking will be available at all three locations.

For more information, please click here and here.


Innovation and Ballot Auditing

In 2011, the Orange County Registrar of Voters (ROV) office applied for and received federal grant funding to improve its post-election ballot auditing process. Using this grant funding, the ROV developed (in-house) a system that improves the efficiency and accuracy of the manual auditing process used in California.

Their new report, "Applying Visual Management Techniques and Digital Analysis to Post Election Auditing", details what they did, why they did it, and the associated outcomes. They use a recent June 2013 City of Cypress election as a test case, but go into depth about the benefits of their visual management system and digital data capture process.

To view the report, please click here.


South County Student Honored for Rescuing Fellow Surfer

Capistrano Unified School District Trustees last week recognized Kyra Brandt, a San Clemente High School senior, for her role in the rescue of a drowning surfer.

Kyra was surfing at Doheny State Beach on Sunday, July 21, when she noticed a surfer roll off his board. When he didn't resurface, Kyra and another surfer pulled him onto his board. There she gave chest compressions until he expelled water and began to breath. She and the other surfer provided assistance until lifeguards could reach them.

To view a photo, please click here.


Laguna Beach: September Sunset Serenades

The City of Laguna Beach will be presenting FREE concerts every Friday evening in September at the amphitheater in Heisler Park starting at 5:30 PM. For more information, please click here.

Dana Point: Doheny Longboard Surf Contest & Luau

Saturday, September 21 starts with a great surf contest at Doheny State Beach between the Doheny Longboarders against another California longboard club. Viewing the contest is FREE. For more information, please click here and here.

San Clemente: 13th Annual Open Skate Contest

The 13th Annual San Clemente Open Skate Contest will be held Saturday, September 21 at Ralph’s Skate Court, 241 Avenida La Pata, and will include the “Best Trick” contest. For more information, please call (949) 429-8797 or click here.


In addition to my many meetings, briefings, and other supervisorial activities, I also:
  • Participated in the City of Rancho Santa Margarita’s 4th Annual Patriot Day Ceremony.
  • Participated in the biennial San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Dress Rehearsal Exercise conducted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Emergency Management Division.
  • Attended St. John’s Episcopal School 25th Anniversary Celebration in the City of Rancho Santa Margarita to present a proclamation in honor of the occasion.
  • Adjourned the Board of Supervisors meeting in memory of Debra Healy Deem of Laguna Beach and Dwayne Harry Berger of San Clemente.

My office also:
  • Attended the Ladera Ranch Civic Council meeting.
  • Attended the CalOptima Circle of Care Awards event.
  • Attended the San Clemente Area Republican Women Federated luncheon, where Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Shari Freidenrich discussed the State of the Treasury.
  • Attended the United Way Leadership Breakfast.

My staff and I look forward to continually providing you updated information in our Fifth District Newsletter and website.

Please feel free to contact my office with your concerns, comments or questions at (714) 834-3550. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Supervisor for Orange County's Fabulous Fifth District.

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