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Lisa Bartlett - Supervisor, Fifth District
September 4, 2020 Volume 7 Issue 44
Wishing You a COVID SAFE Labor Day Weekend!

With the upcoming Labor Day weekend, we understand that many Orange County residents and visitors alike will be visiting our beaches, parks and will be with their friends and loved ones.

To help get the word out to stay COVID SAFE this Labor Day weekend, the County of Orange is using digital web banners and social media to help spread the word driving people to website for downloadable Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts anyone can use.

Beach-goers, park enthusiasts and other celebrants this weekend are asked to please make sure to adhere to the County’s health orders making sure you are physically distanced and wearing face coverings whenever inside or in close quarters. 

Find out more about how we can all work together to slow the spread of COVID-19! For COVID SAFE activities this Labor Day weekend, please visit the Out & About Safely in South County section of my newsletter.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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High Temps Bring Risk of Heat-Related Illnesses

The National Weather Service is forecasting elevated temperatures for Orange County over the next few days, increasing the risk of heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke for those who are more sensitive to heat. 

Prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures may cause serious conditions like heat exhaustion or heat stroke and can even be fatal. Symptoms of heat exhaustion may include heavy sweating, muscle cramps, weakness, headache, nausea or vomiting and dizziness.

Warning signs of heat stroke may include an extremely high body temperature, unconsciousness, confusion, hot and dry skin (no sweating), a rapid, strong pulse, and a throbbing headache. If symptoms of heat stroke occur, immediately call for medical assistance. Move the person to a shady area and begin cooling their body with water.
For more information, including recommended precautions to prevent heat related illnesses, click here.

In addition, California ISO has issued a Flex Alert for September 5 - 7. Energy experts are asking residents and businesses to use AC early in the day, pre-set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher and avoid appliance use from 3 PM to 10 PM. 
For more information on heat related illnesses, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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New Tiered System For Reopening Businesses

Last week, the Governor unveiled a new color-coded, tiered system for reopening California businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic. Counties will be allowed to move through the four-tier system based on the following three criteria:

1) Case Rate - 7-day average of new cases per 100,000

2) Test Positivity Rate - 7-day average percentage of positive cases per number of people tested 

3) Health Equity Measure (yet to be determined)

A breakdown of the tiers is as follows:

  • PURPLE - Highest risk tier and includes counties with a case rate of 7 new cases per 100,000 and a positivity rate of more than 8%.
  •  RED – Second highest risk tier and includes counties with a case rate of 4-7 new cases per 100,000 and a positivity rate of 5-8%.
  • ORANGE – Third highest risk tier and includes counties with a case rate of 1-3.9% new cases per 100,000 and a positivity rate of 2-4.9%.
  • YELLOW – Lowest risk tier and includes counties with a case rate of less than 1 new case per 100,000 and a positivity rate less than 2%.

Each county’s color determines operations. For example, Orange County is currently listed as purple, which means many non-essential indoor business operations are closed. However, according to the State’s website, hair salons and barbershops were able to resume indoor operations beginning Monday, August 31, regardless of a county’s tier status. In addition, all shuttered retail and shopping centers in the purple tier could also open, but with maximum capacity at 25%.

Click the image above to enlarge
and scroll down for more information.


County movement through each tier will be stringent and steady. Requirements to advance through each tier are as follows:

  • 21-day mandatory wait time between moves
  • Meet metrics for next tier for 2 straight weeks
  • Counties only move 1 tier at a time
  • Data will be assessed weekly

Should a county fail to meet its current tier’s metrics for two straight weeks, it will be required to move back to the previous tier. While the focus will be on the leading indicators, the State also implemented an emergency brake for concerning factors like hospitalizations.

If the trend continues, and our numbers continue to decline, we anticipate Orange County may move from Purple to Red on or around September 8.

Website: A new update to the State’s COVID-19 website was launched that will allow residents and businesses alike to check the status of their county and which operations are open, closed, or open with modifications.

Translations: The Administration has continued to indicate they are still working on translations of sector guidance.

Schools: According to the State’s website, all schools in counties that are on the purple tier shall remain closed for in-person instruction. TK-6 can still apply for a waiver and those that have been accepted are still allowed to open per their re-opening plans.

Gatherings: New bi-lingual Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are being aired highlighting the dangers of spreading COVID-19 in social gatherings.

More information:

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2020 Japanese American of the Biennium Award

This past weekend, the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) concluded two weeks of virtual proceedings in place of an in-person National Convention to elect a new National Board for the next biennium.

In addition, I was deeply honored to have been selected by JACL during their National Convention as as one of only two winners of the coveted Japanese American of the Biennium Award. For Japanese American of the Biennium in the areas of politics, public affairs, and law, I was nominated by the JACL Pacific Southwest District and awarded for my years of public service in Orange County.

“We will be formally awarding the honorees at the 2021 National Convention,” JACL said. “On behalf of the JACL national staff, we want to congratulate the awardees for all their work and contributions to the Japanese American community.”

I am humbled to have been chosen to receive the 2020 Japanese American of the Biennium Award and am grateful to JACL for this honor.

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Join Supervisor Lisa Bartlett for a County Update
Click the image to register.
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8/31 South County Grocery Distribution Revisted

On Monday, August 31, I was pleased to join Saddleback Church once again to host our third South County Drive-Thru Grocery Distribution, which was held at Laguna Hills Mall to support individuals and families who have fallen on hard times as a result of COVID-19. 

Saddleback Church graciously supplied fresh produce, dairy products, bread/desserts, protein, and canned goods to hundreds of families. The event was open to both drive-thru and walk-in traffic. 

I am deeply grateful to Saddleback Church for their outstanding efforts to help feed those in need during this very difficult time, as well as Laguna Hills Mall for providing their wonderful venue for our third South County Drive-Thru Grocery Distribution! 

Click the image above to view the photo album.

To view the photo album of our South County Drive-Thru Grocery Distribution at Laguna Hills Mall, click here on the image above.

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5th District Small Business Grant Award Winners

My office recently completed awarding $14.5 Million in CARES Act funding to numerous small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the fabulous Fifth District through my Small Business Grant Relief Program!

The 5th District Small Business Grant Relief Program launched June 22, providing much needed economic support of up to $10,000 in CARES Act funding grants for small businesses and nonprofits experiencing financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19. Grants were awarded to businesses in nearly every business sector.

To that end, I've been pleased to visit with a number of the grant award winners at their respective place of business to present them with a ceremonial check in celebration of the occasion. 

Presenting a $10K ceremonial check to Charity Hill, owner of Lighter Than Air Balloons in Lake Forest.

Be sure to check back as I continue to share more photos with additional grant award winners from the 5th District.

In Lake Forest presenting a check to Lanette & Andy Atiyeh, owners of Pup Up Hooray

To view our current photo album with grant award winners receiving the ceremonial check, click here. To view a list of all of the 5th District grant award winners, click here.

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Tour of Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano

Last week, I had the great pleasure of touring the exquisite new Inn at the Mission, located adjacent to the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano. Our private tour was graciously led by owner Bill Griffith, along with General Manager Pam Ryan and former Mayor Laura Freese. 

L-R: With former Mayor Laura Freese, General Manager Pam Ryan and owner Bill Griffith, touring Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. 

Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano, Autograph Collection, which opened this week to the general public, features architecture similar to the historic Mission. The property’s design emulates old Spain, with three distinct types of architecture, including Adobe, Monterey and Spanish Revival.

With historic and modern twists of artwork throughout, creating a balance between old and new, Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano’s design creates a sense of romance and a recall to Spanish architecture. For more information, please click here.

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Sheriff’s Department Medal of Valor Ceremony

As reported in my newsletter last week, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department hosted their 32nd Annual Medal of Valor Ceremony, where 35 deputies and officers, including several from South County, were recognized for their actions in four categories:

  • The Distinguished Deputy Medal
  • Medal of Lifesaving
  • Medal of Courage
  • Medal of Merit

Each Medal of Valor honors Deputies and officers for extraordinary bravery or heroism, above and beyond the normal demands of law enforcement service in response to criminal situations involving an incident which threatened the Deputy of officer’s life.

I am extremely grateful for the dedicated men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department who keep our communities safe everyday. Congratulations to this year’s Medal of Valor winners! To read the press release, click here. To watch the ceremony, click here.

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Spreading Positive Vibes in our Community

The Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) has launched a new public service campaign designed to save lives and help Spread Positive Vibes throughout our community… instead of spreading COVID-19!

To help share the important message about staying safe, HCA enlisted the support of local celebrities, representing different parts of OC culture that people here know and love. They will be interviewed on KFI’s 640 AM Gary and Shannon Show at 11:50 AM Mondays & Wednesdays to talk about what they are up to these days and also help spread a lifesaving message about basic COVID safety in a positive, feel-good way.

Just about every local celebrity the County reached out to said YES to doing these interviews. Given everything our communities are going through with COVID-19, there’s never been a better time to spread positive vibes. We are so pleased that all of these folks are on board! For more information, click here.

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Paying Youth to Learn Entrepreneurship Skills

The County of Orange has launched of a new “Earn and Learn” program, an innovative workforce model offered to prepare Orange County’s youth for future business and life skills while earning wages.

The “Earn and Learn” program will be offered through the County’s Ready S.E.T. Orange County (OC) Initiative and is designed to assist youth in making a successful transition to unsubsidized employment, post-secondary education, military, apprenticeship or trade placement to ensure self-sufficiency and a long-term positive employment outlook.

Youth enrolled in the “Earn and Learn” program will earn wages for participating in occupational skills training; financial literacy; leadership development, which includes peer-centered activities encouraging responsibility and other positive social behaviors during non-school hours; mentoring; and entrepreneurship.

Youth ages 14-21 will also have the opportunity to undergo a unique 10-week Entrepreneurship Academy delivered online. The courses will be delivered live by instructors with professional business experience who guide students through the process of turning a skill or idea into a venture. Students will learn the fundamentals of business and graduate with a prototype, business plan, and venture pitch.

The first academy for the “Earn and Learn” program began August 31, and enrollment will be on a quarterly first-come, first-served basis. Students will be able to choose among various days and times for their weekly classes. To sign up, students must be enrolled in the Ready S.E.T. OC Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Program. To review eligibility criteria or to sign up for the Ready S.E.T. OC WIOA Youth Program, click here.

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SafeDineOC COVID-Safe Restaurant Campaign

The County's SafeDineOC COVID-Safe Restaurant Campaign is designed to incentivize Orange County restaurants to follow California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Restaurant owners may apply for a $1,000 grant per Orange County restaurant location for taking steps to create a COVID-safe environment for their customers and employees. The grant will reimburse restaurants for purchases of personal protective equipment including face masks, cleaning products, employee training and costs for physical distancing of tables and chairs, etc.

The SafeDineOC campaign is sponsored by the County of Orange and managed by Orange County Business Council (OCBC), which will handle intake and approval of all restaurant applications as well as disbursement of the $1,000 grants to restaurant owners. Through its comprehensive database of restaurants, the OC Health Care Agency will ensure the promotion of the campaign to all restaurant owners in the County.


Restaurants that apply and are approved will be added to a list of COVID-safe eateries organized by city that will be available to consumers on the SafeDineOC website. This online resource will enable the public to see which restaurants offer a safe dining experience in Orange County.

The application form is in multiple languages and OCBC staff is available to answer questions. More information about the program may be found at

Maintaining consumer confidence in the restaurant industry is critical to helping businesses stay afloat during these challenging times. When customers visit a restaurant, they want to be confident that it is clean and in compliance with County health and safety guidelines. The safety and protection of restaurant workers, and the customers they serve, is paramount to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Restaurants that apply for the program must meet all qualifications which will be verified by OCBC. Funds will be distributed within 45 days. All restaurants must submit receipts for CARES ACT-qualified purchases for final reimbursement grant payment on purchases made from March 1 to September 30, 2020.

Dining establishments that have already applied and been awarded the #SafeDineOC $1,000 grant are being featured on running list of restaurants that create a safe environment for their staff and patrons! To view the current list of these COVID-Safe Restaurants, please click here.

Click the image above to enlarge.
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OC Back2Business Initiative: Outdoor Edition
Click the image above to enlarge.
See the Media Alert below for more information.
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Santiago Canyon Road Safety Improvements
Click the image above to enlarge
and scroll down for more information.
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Oso Parkway Bridge Project Update
Click image above to enlarge.
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San Onofre Nuclear Plant Begins New Chapter
Click the image above to enlarge.
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Become an OC Fire Watch Volunteer!

OC Fire Watch volunteers are a dedicated group specially trained to deter arson activity, ensure early fire detection and provide public education about fire danger. Fire Watch volunteers are not trained as firefighters, but provide an important component to prevent destructive wildfires.

The OC Fire Watch network is deployed during Red Flag conditions when there is a high fire risk. Red Flag Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service during periods of high temperature, low humidity and high winds.

OC Fire Watch volunteers are deployed to high visibility areas posts, where ignition sources are likely, and widely distributed near wilderness open spaces throughout the OC Parks system. Posts are typically covered by two volunteers in four hour shifts. For more information, click here.

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"Apocalypse Love Story" Stars Kayden Tokarski

Award-winning director and producer Justin Wilder Neese has released the trailer for his upcoming independent feature film, “Apocalypse Love Story.”  

The story revolves around two 8-year-old children – a Caucasian girl and African American boy, who are the sole survivors of an ecological worldwide apocalypse. Their struggle to survive and dependence on each other sets them on a journey of self-discovery, friendship and love.  

Kayden Tokarski stars as Sam in Apocalypse Love Story.

Sam was the daughter of a survivalist father, possessing the knowledge and skills to survive on her own. James is the survivor of domestic abuse. Despite his kind, brave heart, he lacks any survival skills.  Each character battles the overwhelming loneliness of this desolate world – until one fateful day they meet. 

Sam is played by 11-year-old actor Kayden Tokarski of Laguna Niguel with 10-year-old actor Byron McCray in the role of James. 

Kayden Tokarski of Laguna Niguel

“Our protagonists are children whose journey is essentially an uplifting and inspiring tale: One where there is no prejudice or hate – only the harsh environment around them and a growing reliance on each other,” said Director Justin Wilder Neese. “Their minds are uncynical and unbiased… children see each other like we should see each other – as equals. This film tells a story that is full of hope, something today’s society is clearly desperate for, and it’s message is one the world needs right now.” 

Los Angeles-based Neese is the award-winning director of “Hummingbird” and “Glass of Scotch.” Apocalypse Love Story is set to be released by early January 2021. 

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Please Protect Yourself and Those Around You!
Click the image above to enlarge.
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COVID-19 Orange County Case Counts by Cities

The OC Health Care Agency continues to release daily COVID-19 case counts in Orange County. As of today, HCA is reporting 49,258 positive cumulative cases and 1,042 deaths, as well as 264 currently hospitalized with 77 in ICU.

Please be advised that city data is reflective of where cases live, not necessarily where transmission occurred. Additionally, city numbers should not be interpreted to reflect where transmission is geographically focused or not, as COVID-19 is present in all communities in Orange County.

Case counts are also not reflective of all disease transmission in any given community because testing is prioritized for those at greatest risk or most sick. Asymptomatic and persons with mild disease may not be reflected due to not being tested.

Because transmission occurs throughout the County, it is important for all residents to practice social-distancing as directed by the Governor and the Orange County Health Officer regardless of the case count in their city. Doing so will help to reduce the spread of infection, ease the burden on our hospitals and healthcare system, as well as protect those most vulnerable in our county.

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Orange County COVID-19 Data Dashboard

The Orange County COVID-19 Data Dashboard uses a GIS mapping software platform to display data charts, graphs and maps. Specific data is available for viewing in both a Desktop Version as well as a Mobile Version.

Please visit the COVID-19 Data Dashboard and select the Desktop Version or the Mobile Version to view additional information on Orange County COVID-19 cases; then click the tabs at the bottom of the webpage to view specific data charts, graphs and maps.

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While You Are Home, Spot the Scams!

Many of you are at home working or self-isolating and spending more time on the internet. Unfortunately, thieves are taking advantage of this situation and coming up with new and innovative ways to separate you from your money. Now would be a good time to educate yourself on the various ploys used by scammers for COVID-19.

Additionally, a large-scale coronavirus scam has erupted, as impostors are filing claims for unemployment benefits using names of people who have not filed claims. Victims learn about the fraud when they get a notice from their state unemployment benefits office or employer about their supposed application for benefits.

Sadly, people exploiting older adults are often family members or other trusted people who are handling the financial affairs of an incapacitated parent, relative or
friend. As such, caregivers and assisted living and nursing facilities can also work together to help protect elderly residents from financial exploitation, both during the pandemic and after life returns to a new normal.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble paying your rent during the coronavirus pandemic, there are relief options and protections available for many renters.    

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Important Information for Seniors and Caregivers
Click the image above to enlarge.
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Please Check On Your Elderly Neighbors
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What You Feel Is Real

The OC Health Care Agency (HCA) recently launched an advertising and community outreach campaign encouraging Orange County residents impacted by COVID-19 to care for their mental health by reaching out and seeking support.

Specifically, the campaign directs residents to free County of Orange resources available to the community, including those listed on and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Warmline (877-910-9276) for immediate mental health support.

Supporting HCA’s mission to protect and promote the health and well-being of the community, the What You Feel Is Real campaign is focused on helping Orange County community members cope with the stresses and disruptions they face because of COVID-19.

By offering direct links and phone numbers for support, the campaign empowers residents with the information necessary to take the next step in managing their own mental health care. 

The campaign does an excellent job of reminding the community that they are not alone. By taking the first step and reaching out for help, we can all be stronger and healthier together during these unprecedented times.

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County of Orange Mental Resiliency Resources

As the spread and far reaching impacts of COVID-19 continue to dominate the world news, we have all witnessed and experienced the parallel spread of worry, anxiety, and uncertainty. The way to overcome this natural tendency is to build our mental resilience, the ability to refocus, clear our minds, and discard negative thoughts.

Here's what you can do...

1) Remember that knowledge is power. Understanding the factors that affect a person’s immune response to COVID-19 will matter as much as, or more than, understanding the virus. There is great information available on the Orange County Health Care Agency's new What You Feel is Real webpage, 

2) Don’t accept everything you read or hear. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides information and frequent updates on the COVID-19’s spread, severity, risk assessment, etc., on the CDC's website

3) Get your emotional support system in place:

  • Maintain familiar routines in daily life as much as possible; take care of your basic needs and employ helpful coping strategies; rest during work or between shifts, eat healthy food and engage in physical activity.
  • Stay connected with friends and family, even virtually connected, and maintain your social networks.
  • Have the emails and phone numbers of close friends and family handy.

4) Take control, incorporate preventative measures:

  • See the CDC’s list of preventative measures.
  • The constant stream of news reports can cause anyone to feel anxious or distressed. Instead, seek updates and practical guidelines at intervals during the day.
  • Be supportive to others. Assisting others in their time of need can benefit the person receiving support as well as the helper.

If you or a loved one are feeling anxiety, worry or fear related to the social disruption caused by COVID-19, you can also reach out to these resources for support:

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Do You Have Pets? Info on COVID-19 & Animals
Click the image above for more info.
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Feline Pet of the Week: Meet Birch!
Click the image above to enlarge.
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Drive-Thru Pet Food Pantry at OC Animal Care
Click the image above to enlarge.
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Fur-Ever Family Virtual Pet Adoption Event
Click the image above to enlarge.
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Americas Treasures: Musical Cities - Memphis

MacGillivray Freeman Films, based in Laguna Beach, has the inspiration you need for your next adventure! 

In part one of their 4-part series, America's Treasures: Musical Cities for GoUSA TV, they travel to Memphis, birthplace of rock 'n' roll and home to innovative artists, such as jookin street dancer Lil Buck, the acrobatic Beale Street Flippers, and sky-diving Elvis impersonators, The Flying Elvi. Warning: This video may cause spontaneous bouts of dancing!

Click the image above to watch Americas Treasures: Musical Cities - Memphis.
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FREE Live-Stream Event from The Coach House

Enjoy a FREE live-stream event Saturday, September 5 at 6:00 PM on The show, billed as a Labor Day Weekend Countdown, will feature “THE BEATLES TOP 50 All-Time Favorite SONGS,” performed by The Tribe. See the image below for more info.

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Ocean Institute: Virtual Maritime Festival 2020

The Ocean Institute, located in beautiful Dana Point Harbor, will host its first Virtual Maritime Festival, a multi-layered interactive and educational event, culminating with a three-day global stream marathon September 11-13.

Don't miss Move Your Booty: Virtual Race now through September 10! This virtual challenge encourages individuals, families, groups, and corporate teams to get outdoors and get moving in a fun way!

Replacing the annual Tall Ships Festival, Ocean Institute sees their new virtual event as an annual festival moving forward. The inaugural Ocean Institute Maritime Festival will be complimentary to all participants, with the goal to further education in all things maritime!

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Capistrano "LIVE" is Back at The Coach House!

The Coach House "LIVE" hosted by Doug Starks is back with a new and improved name, Capistrano "LIVE." It's streaming "LIVE" on every Tuesday, 6 PM to 7:30 PM from The Coach House Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano.

On Tuesday, September 8, their special guests will be:

  • Jazz Pianist Nick Smith
  • Holistic Healer Jen Tilley
  • Photographer Scott Schmitt
  • Hostex by Comedy Entertainer Doug Starks

And a lot of fun stuff in between!

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SCR: Ten Dollar Taco - A Feast for Your Senses!

South Coast Repertory (SCR) commUNITY’s exploration of the legacy, history and family lineage of la comida continues Monday, Sept. 14, with an original radio play to thrill your senses.

Ten Dollar Taco, written by Juliette Carrillo with music and sound by David R. Molina, is part fantasy, part adventure and part archeological dig. This exciting new work explores the playwright’s growing connection to the culinary artistry of her Mexican and Californian heritage.

Ten Dollar Taco will be released Monday, Sept. 14 and remain available for listening through Sunday, Sept. 20, accessible on multiple platforms including SCR’s YouTube channel and the SCR Podcast, and anywhere you get your podcasts.

Ten Dollar Taco is free and reservations will be taken through Sunday, Sept. 13. You need only one (1) ticket, regardless of how many streaming devices your household will be using. Reserve ahead of time so they may email links directly to you on the day it is released!

Click the image above for more info.
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VIRTUAL Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach 2020

Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach recently launched its first digital exhibit, foaVIRTUAL, featuring a wide variety of media, including paintings, photography, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, handcrafted wood and furniture, ceramics, glass and more. Enjoy reading the artists' bios and learn more about their careers in art!

Festival of Arts has also launched foaTV, an online library of videos created for the fans of the Fine Art Show and Pageant of the Masters to help the community stay connected while also encouraging the appreciation, study and performance of the arts.

Lastly, you can experience great art from celebrated museums around the globe virtually through the magic of tableaux vivants (or living pictures), as Festival of Arts previously launched #TourDePageant, showcasing past Pageant of the Masters re-creations, with real people posing as works of art. This art-stopping online initiative offers a unique look into some of the most famous museums in the world, all from the comfort of your home.

With society masking-up and practicing social distancing, the arts are needed now more than ever. To that end, Festival of Arts hopes their online initiatives, including foaVIRTUALfoaTV and #TourDePageant will enrich, entertain and inspire you during this challenging time.

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Watch+Listen: Pacific Symphony Musicians

Even though Pacific Symphony has temporarily suspended live concerts in the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall as a public health precaution, the Symphony will stay in touch online, serving up culture and entertainment. Their Watch+Listen page provides you with a central overview for all of the Symphony’s offerings online! Check back regularly as new musical experiences are always being added!

Pacific Symphony performing with Pacific Chorale.
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Laguna Art Museum: LAM at Home

Laguna Art Museum (LAM) hopes you are well and safe at home. While LAM is temporarily closed, they are working remotely to offer art and inspiration online. We believe art has the power to connect us, and we hope that you will enjoy these new ways to stay connected with Laguna Art Museum,

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Casa Romantica San Clemente: Live Virtually

Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens in San Clemente is the historic home of Ole Hansen, the founder of the city of San Clemente, Casa Romantica invites you to Live Virtually @ the Casa and enjoy world-class arts and culture in your home with highlighted Casa virtual artists and activities. For more information, click here.

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Laguna: Sunset Serenades From Your Sofa

Sunset Serenades from your Sofa is a new virtual video series. The Laguna Beach Arts Commission postponed the May and June concert series due to COVID-19, but the musicians still wanted to give the community a personal message.

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RSM: VIRTUAL Rancho Family Fest 2020
Click the image above to watch it again!
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Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association

The Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association (DSBIA) provides links to various websites to enjoy At Home Learning opportunities supporting the goals and mission of DSBIA and the California State Parks. These sites offer enrichment of subjects and provide information in a topic of personal interest for both children and adults. For more information, click here.

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Mission San Juan Capistrano At Home

Mission San Juan Capistrano invites all to visit their Digital Resource Center (DRC) for continued ways to experience, learn, and interact with the Mission through many digital events and video tours. For more information, click here.

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Virtual Programs Offered by OC Public Libraries

OC Public Libraries (OCPL) recently announced its new Virtual Programs webpage, as OCPL staff worked hard to create some amazing digital content. To that end, OCPL has dozens of virtual programs published on social media (with dozens more in their backlog ready to be published!) and our communities are responding positively to the new way we are providing service.

This site is updated regularly. For more information, click here or on the image below.

Click the image above for more info.
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Click the image above for information on their
Meals on Wheels and Congregate Lunches for Seniors.


Click the image above for information on their
Drive-Thru Food Distribution, weekdays in San Clemente.



Click the image above for information on their
 Drive Through Food Bank, Monday - Friday in Irvine.


Click the image above for information on their
 Food Pantry, Monday - Friday in Laguna Beach.



Click the image above for info on their Food Pantry
held on the first & third Wednesday of every month.



Click the image above for information on their
PEACE Community Resource Center Food Pantries.



Click the image above for information on their
Food Pantry Services weekdays by appointment in Irvine.


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CREER Food Pantry in San Juan Capistrano
Click the image above to enlarge.
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Grab and Go Meal Service for CUSD Students
Click the image above for more info.
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