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Year in

The pivot to resource recovery and preservation is happening in every aspect of OCWR’s drive to advance our mission and fulfill our vision.


More than 30 OCWR staff volunteer to serve Operation Independence, the County’s COVID-19 vaccination effort.


  • Olinda surpasses a monthly total of 1,000 mattresses recovered.
  • OCWR releases RFP seeking bids for franchise hauler contracts to serve the County’s unincorporated areas.


Completed demonstration use of thermal oxidizer equipment, which significantly contributed to minimizing landfill gas migration, emissions, and odors.


LEA holds public meeting as part of the CEQA process to revise Olinda Alpha Landfill's SWFP, extending it through the year 2036.


OCWR wins four NACo awards:

  1. Virtual Outreach Program
  2. Building a World Class Organic Waste Management Infrastructure from Scratch
  3. Enhancing Safety, Efficiency and Consistency - OCWR's Playbook/SOPs
  4. Resource Recovery vs. Waste Disposal: OCWR Mattress Recycling Program


  • Board approves new franchise hauler contracts for OC unincorporated areas.
  • OCWR releases video sequel, “OC Landfills: Resource Recovery for a Greener Future,” to help educate the general public about resource recovery and organic waste management.
  • New franchise hauler contracts go into effect.
  • OCWR hosts City Manager Workshop Part 1.
  • OCWR participates in Fourth District's Juneteenth Freedom Day event at Anaheim Community Center Park.
  • OCWR partners with OC Department of Education to launch a pilot curricular initiative that challenges students to adopt sustainable behaviors.


  • CalRecycle grants revised SWFP permit to Olinda Alpha Landfill, extending the life of the landfill through 2036.
  • Playing off the fast-food industry’s “National Drive Thru Day,” OCWR encourages residents to visit one of the County's four Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers and “drive through” to drop off items.
  • Discovery Cube hosts open house event to introduce and present new Organic Waste Lab.
  • OCWR shifts heavy equipment fleet to renewable diesel fuel.


  • OCWR participates in Fourth District's Fishing Derby at Carbon Canyon Regional Park.
  • OCWR hosts City Managers Workshop Part 2, reflecting regional leadership and collaboration in response to industry-transforming legislation and the need for local infrastructure.
  • OCWR and OC Department of Education launch full-scale version of the standards based school program with OC teachers.


  • CalRecycle grants permit to operate Capistrano Greenery at full, commercial scale.
  • OC Grand Jury Tours Olinda Alpha Landfill.
  • OCWR participates in Silverado Canyon community cleanup event.


  • OCWR participates at the Irvine Global Village Festival.
  • To help prevent roadway debris, OCWR launches a “Cover Your Load” campaign and partners with CHP for Outreach and Enforcement.


  • Supervisor Bartlett delivers the keynote remarks at the Ceremonial Grand Opening of Capistrano Greenery.
  • OCWR Celebrates America Recycles Day®, reminding residents to recycle every day and enhance their recycling knowledge.


  • Aliso Viejo City Council member Dave Harrington is elected Chair of the Waste Management Commission for 2022; Westminster Mayor Tri Ta is elected Vice Chair.
  • OCWR’s “Holly Jolly Compost Circle” entry wins Best by an Organization in the Discovery Cube’s “Science of Gingerbread” contest. The entry reflects the circular nature of composting.
  • California State Associate of Counties (CSAC) recognizes OCWR with a Merit Award in the category of environment and natural resources for World-Class Organic Waste Management Infrastructure.